10 Surprising Benefits Of Yoga

What is yoga?

Yoga is an ancient practice of understanding our life. It’s a practice that helps us to transcend the limitations of human consciousness and experience pure joy and happiness and maintain good health. There are several forms of yoga, wherein, the benefits of yoga vary from one form to another.

In 2014, the UN General Assembly declared 21st June as ‘International Day of Yoga’. All in all, 177 nations supported and sponsored it. As we celebrate International Yoga Day today, let’s talk about the benefits of Yoga that you might not be aware of.


Here are 10 surprising benefits of yoga

  1. Promotes alertness and focus:
    Science proves that yoga enhances concentration. Furthermore, it helps in quick development of skills.
  2. Improves decision-making skills:
    Practitioners of yoga have enormous amount of decision-making skills. Additionally, they possess a composed nature which helps them nurture their leadership abilities.
  3. Helps to improve cardiovascular functions:
    Certain type of yoga exercises involve deep breathing and abdominal breathing. Consequently, these practices helps in improving the level of oxygen in the bloodstream. Also, the circulation of blood becomes better.
  4. Prolongs health and life:
    Yoga improves every aspect of health. Several physical ailments, for example, asthma, fatigue and hypertension can succinctly go away.
  5. Yoga helps to ward of stress:
    Stress develops in the body to the accumulation of negative emotions. Anger, hate and fear are catalysts to stress formation. Moreover, simple yogic practices like pranayama, assists in dissolution of stress.

Yoga Benefits

And 5 more…

  1. It brings stability to life:
    Yoga acts as a self-help manual in times of difficulty. When everything fails, people often resort to yoga. Moreover, the willingness to perform actions dutifully in life, stems from the stability in life. This is possible by the process of yoga.
  2. It’s the best solution to anxiety:
    Anxious people who face difficulty in controlling their never ending thoughts and fears, find relief and peace of mind through, simple yet effective, deep breathing exercises. Also, with constant practice of yoga, fears and phobias simply cease to exist.
  3. Yoga develops intuitive powers within us:
    As discussed earlier, since yoga helps in decision-making skills, similarly, it helps in developing intuitiveness. Predictive power increases. Nonetheless, numerous challenges may come to you, however, your intuition will always help you to succeed with flying colours.
  4. Helps in the secretion of ‘feel good’ hormones:
    The secretion of dopamine, endorphins and serotonin hormones (which are ‘feel good hormones’), releases quite effectively in the system. Therefore, a person experiences a feeling of happiness and content.
  5. Enhances mental and emotional balance:
    Negative emotions remain at bay, mental clarity and perception enhances. Therefore, an individual becomes impartial towards life.

Constant and daily practice of yoga is essential for achieving physical, mental as well as spiritual well-being. On this International Yoga Day, we encourage everyone to reap the benefits of this ancient Indian practice and make it a part of our everyday life, to achieve absolute health and happiness.


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Ashok is an avid writer. He likes writing articles on spirituality and life. When he isn’t writing articles, he reads extensively on spirituality to understand life, the way it is.



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