10 Tips for face reading

Face reading is an art (and a profession) by which you can depict a person’s character, fate, and health condition by studying the face. You can study faces of your friends, family members and find out new things about them.  Below are 10 tips on how to read faces –

Face Reading

10 tips for face reading

How to read faces? Each and every part of your face tells a lot about you and your personality. Let’s have a look at each part and see how they help in face reading.

1. Face Shape

Face reading with the shape of your face:

Round face: If you have a round face, then you are known to be sensitive, caring, smart, diplomatic, optimistic, and adaptable. You also desire stable and long-term relationships.

Oval face: If you have an oval face, then you are known to be a perfectionist, bold, firm, good in decision-making, and tend to be diplomatic. You might also have a slightly weak physique.

Heart face: If you have a heart-shaped face, then you are a natural leader, good planner, philosophical, idealistic, loving, and generous.

Square face: If you have a square-shaped face, then you are down to earth, practical, quiet, conservative, and very trustworthy.

Triangle face: If you have a triangle-shaped face, then you are an extrovert, people oriented, entertaining, fun, and good at networking.

2. Forehead

High forehead: If you have a high forehead, then you like learning new stuff and hate to take risks. You like planning in advance and reach success.

Average forehead: If you have an average forehead, then you are well-organized, hard-working, intelligent, and are good at solving problems.

Low forehead: If you have a low forehead, then you are highly spontaneous and independent. You try to learn from your own mistakes.

3. Eyes

Big eyes: If you have big eyes, then you are open-minded, creative, sensitive, and very imaginative.

small eyes: If you have small eyes, then you are well-organized, narrow-minded, and make selective decisions.

4. Nose

short Nose: If your nose is short, then you are kind, sensitive, defensive, and you dislike anything which is different.

Long Nose: If your nose is long, then you are bossy, active, and enjoy traveling. You always try new things.

Roman Nose: If you have a “Roman” nose, then you are passionate, charismatic, judgemental, and reserved.

5. Lips

Thin lips: If you have thin lips, then you are sophisticated, selective, and very particular about quality than quantity.

Full lips: If you have full lips, then you are confident enough to try new things and like to share your experiences.

 6. Chin

Prominent chin: If you have a prominent chin, then you are active, impatient, judgemental, and strong enough to stand for the right thing.

Small chin: If you have a small chin, then you are sophisticated, seek quality, intolerable, and demanding.

7. Ears

Small ears: If you have small ears, then you are well-mannered and affectionate. If your ears are too small then you are shy and reserved.

Big ears: If you have big ears, then you are rude and materialistic. If your ears get over the eyebrows then you are short-tempered.

8. Eyebrows

Curved Eyebrows: If you have curved eyebrows, then you are people centric, you can understand an idea better through an example.

Straight Eyebrows: If you have straight eyebrows, you are direct and factual in your approach.

Angled Eyebrows: If you have angled eyebrows, then you have good leadership qualities and you stay mentally focused.

9. Cheeks

Your cheeks also help in face reading. If you have round and chubby cheeks then you are very sensitive and if your cheeks are narrow and weak, then you are mysterious. If your cheeks are sunken, then you are irritable and often fall sick.

10. Jawline

Strong jawline: If you have a strong jaw line, then you have strong values, high stamina but you are stubborn and strong-headed.

Weak jawline: If you have a weak jaw line, then you are weak and get influenced by people easily.

Wide jawline: If your jaw line is wide, then you have good competitive spirit.

Now you will be able to distinguish one person from another as you know how to read faces. Lastly, it is advisable to consult a professional face reading expert to know about your personality traits in-depth.

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