3 Tips On How To Make The Most Of The Holi 2017 Festival

Holi is a festival of celebration. In Hindu mythology, this festival signifies that ‘good’ is always victorious over ‘evil’. It also signifies the end of winter and the start of spring. Lastly, it celebrates the notion of love for all.

This Holi, in 2017, here’s how we suggest you can imbibe the true spirit of Holi in your day to day life –


The essence of Holi as a festival is that it celebrates the spirit of good over evil. While you light up the day with Holi colours, take a pledge to also celebrate the good aspects of yourself and release all negativity.

We all have a few not so good traits. Yours might be that you succumb to laziness, or give into temptation too often, or are too critical, or take people for granted, or just simply you aren’t fulfilling your true potential in life! At this 2017 Holi, firmly resolve to take strides in slowly releasing all these not so good traits and being grateful for all your good habits (such as being kind, being a loving father, being a hard worker, being someone who has made his family proud, etc.)

Especially if you are a light worker, such as a Pranic healer in India, Reiki healer in India, Yoga teacher in India, Life coach in India etc., make sure you pat yourself on your back for having undertaken such a noble journey of healing people’s health, relationships, finances, and more!


On this day, it is a tradition to put bright colors on people as a gesture of affection.


Why not take this feeling forward and truly color up someone’s life for the good. Maybe your maid’s young son is unable to afford a school bag and is struggling to carry his books to school daily. Just gift your own son’s old school bag to this little boy and watch his world fill up with the brightest colours possible! His smile alone should be worth the gesture 🙂

We at The Silver Lining operate primarily on this very principal, with a vision of transforming people’s lives for the good, with the best of holistic healing and personal growth services.


The festival of Holi also celebrates the emotion of true love. Take this opportunity to mend any broken relationships that may have withered over time. Maybe your relationship with a close friend deteriorated, or maybe you have been neglecting your children or parents, or you feel things should be better with your better half. Whatever it may be, pledge to give value to your relationships in life.

Sometimes, a relationship healing might be required to improve things if they have gotten out of hand.
Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy the day and celebrate being alive and appreciating life in its totality!

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