4 Interesting Facts About Destiny

What is your destiny?

All of us are always fascinated with the idea of destiny, and we all brainstorm on questions like –

“What is your destiny?”

“On what basis is my destiny written?”

“What is my role in shaping or changing my destiny?”

Let us try and answer these questions one by one.


What is the meaning of destiny? 

Most of us have our own definitions of destiny. Some say it is based on our past life Karma’s, some say that is only this life’s Karma’s upon which God decides our future, and others say destiny is in our own hands. So, which one is true!?

In simple words, destiny is defined as the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future. So, we can say destiny is what happens to us on an everyday basis until we are alive.

What is your destiny and how does it work?

The answer is a mix of all that we know so far, which means it is a result of our past karma’s, present actions and God’s will, but the most important of all is OUR LESSON OF LIFE. Have you ever thought why lives of people are so different from each other and why some have a difficult life to begin with, which suddenly becomes very beautiful, and others with living an amazing life turn into a disaster?

If destiny is based only on past karma’s, then life should be the same to start with and might change slowly over time with an accumulation of good karma. However, life should mostly remain the same, as accumulation will show its effect in the next life.

If destiny is based only on Karma’s of this life (or destiny is in our own hands), then when a child is born he/she has not even started with his Karma’s so all kids should have the same life to start with.

what is your destiny

The answer – our reason for coming on this earth as human beings

There are many life forms and they all have souls, however, it’s only us humans that have the capacity to evolve and learn some big lessons in life. Therefore, when we have a human life it has to have a reason attached to it. That reason is the deciding factor of our destiny.

In many religions, human birth is considered as a blessing and in some, there is a specific number of times one can be born as a human. The reason for it is that this whole life and birth cycle is a journey of a soul. We are given a choice to end this journey forever by getting enlightened. The process of this learning involves some lessons which we are supposed to learn one by one (one lesson per life) and if we do not do that they start piling up.

Now, lets us understand with an example – when we go to school and fail an exam we cannot progress to further classes and the more times we fail the more difficult it becomes to complete the education. The loving teachers also turn into monsters for us because of our failures and actions. Our life is just the same, however, the advantage of life is that we are allowed to sit in the next class in the form of next life but the lessons double leading to an increase in the difficulties. This is the reason why different people have different lives, to begin with. The sooner we understand and start learning our lessons, the better life starts becoming. The more time we take to learn and more mistakes we make, the worse life becomes. This is how lives change suddenly.

How to identify one’s lesson?

What is your destiny?


The answer is hidden in our life’s journey and the kind of problems we are facing. Therefore, the best way to do it is through this exercise –

Take a paper and pen and write down your life events, both when life became worse and when it became better. Identify a common theme among them. There will be one positive trait using which your life events would have changed for the good, and ignoring which life would have changed for the bad. These positive traits could be more than one depending upon a number of lessons you have to learn. Note them down and ensure to make them your way of life. You will suddenly see an improvement in your life as you have identified your lesson.

The topic of ‘what is your destiny’ is very vast and I will share more on this in my upcoming articles. However, if you need a specific issue to be covered or a specific question to be answered, feel free to either leave your comment or to connect with us.

About author:-

This article was contributed by Mrs. Pooja Sharma Narang.

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Mrs. Narang is a professional counselor, Tarot card reader, and Reiki healer @ The Silver Lining. She is a passionate healer who several years of experience in transforming people’s lives, by utilizing her knowledge of the art and science of energy healing and can help you understand more about what is your destiny. To address mind, body, relationship, and other wellbeing issues, connect with her and learn more on her page. Find your Silver Lining!

Contributed by: Mrs. Pooja Sharma, a professional Healer & counsellor @ The Silver Lining

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  1. A very interesting perspective on destiny. Especially enlightening was the part on our life’s lessons piling up, if not learnt in time!

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