4 Sure Fire Ways To Let The Christmas Spirit Heal You

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Prophet or Messiah. On this very day, God descended on Earth as a saviour to heal all living beings. As He sacrificed Himself on the cross He was taking on the sins of the world.

So how can we truly embrace the Christmas spirit and allow this festive period to heal us?

1. Be a Santa Claus to a complete stranger! Pick out a small gift and give it to a random stranger with a nice message. The healing you will experience when you do such an act is unexplainable in words. Inner joy is boundless when we pleasantly surprise someone who we feel can do with a little happiness.

2. Set up and decorate a Christmas tree! The brightly decorated Christmas tree reminds you of all the bright sparks in your life (be it good health, a loving family, or just a warm bed to snug into in the cold night!). When you take time out to appreciate the little things that bring joy in your life, you unknowingly heal in many ways by expressing gratitude for everything the Universe has bestowed you with.

3. Bring your loved and close friends together to sing and rejoice in the melody of the Christmas carols. Singing not only expands your heart chakra, it helps you experience and feel the joy of being alive. Christmas carols uplift the heart to feel the lightness of spirit, as the young and the old join in harmony and oneness and sing in praise of the Messiah or Saviour.

4. Organize a Christmas lunch for friends and family. This festive period is a time to be together in joyous oneness and serenity, especially with those who you value but have drifted apart from. It can heal old wounds and sadness by gathering in oneness and feeling the harmony, peace, love and togetherness of Christmas.

Christmas is a day of rejoicing, fun and laughter, and if nothing else, it’s a day of holiday and rest, being with friends, going to the malls to see the lovely decorations and lights, and taking in the magical festive ambience that gives a positive feeling, helping us to look forward to the New Year that is round the corner.

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