5 Ways To Go With The Flow

Being in the ‘flow’ is one of the most vague terms. Being in the ‘flow’ is also called being in the delta or TURIYA state. But, what does this term ‘flow’ really mean!?

The man who first began using the word “flow”, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, characterizes it with the following – The best times in our lives are not the passive, unwinding times…but those where a man’s body or brain is extended intentionally to finish something worthwhile.

Flow meaning – What is it really?

Flow is a state where bliss is experienced getting it done! The body dissolves into a consistent condition of being. It’s a delightful, ethereal, cryptic state where one has the gift of going to our most noteworthy condition of natural existence. One encounters time expansion, and higher mindfulness. The best of competitors, artists, essayists, painters, researchers, engineers, geeks, specialists, performing artists, makers, call it the condition of ‘universal presence’.

New age terminology for being in the flow is being in the ‘zone’! Epic work is accomplished in such states. World records are made and even broken when in the ‘zone’.


Go With The Flow

Ways to be in the flow

1. Align skills and tasks – When your abilities match with the job to be done, the distractions automatically get removed. There’s an astounding condition of essence and surrender, and the work done is second to none!

2. Challenging your present range of abilities – The minute you hit a deadlock, you start searching for another course. The same goes for growing your abilities

3. Goal clarity yields complete focus – The minute our objectives are crystalline to us we lose ourselves.

4. Being in the present minute – The state of enjoying the present brings complete concentration and vitality. Things move easily!

5. Living with a dream and making a move – The minute the purpose of your life is clear to you, you know your best course of action. In this condition, you hit top execution!


Benefits of being in the flow

1. Better execution – A McKinsey report states that executives report being five times more productive when in the flow.

2. Happiness – A feeling of quiet joy lives in a condition of flow.

3. A feeling of importance in life – life radiates more reason and substance.

4. Sense of satisfaction – internal satisfaction is a vital component to being in the flow!

5. Stress administration – One is more quiet in upsetting circumstances post being in the flow. One is also more proficient in dealing with upheavals and life’s troubles.

6. Better relationships – One experiences more meaningful relationships.

8. Better concentration – The more you are in the “now” the better your concentration gets.

9. Positive viewpoint – One feels more positive in handling life.

11. More creativity – You are super creative when in the zone

Buddhist and Indian priests call being in the flow the “turiya” state. On a scientific level, it’s the delta state of frequency. There are interesting facts to know about this state. Like the benefits accorded to us once we are in ‘it’. The future is all about accessing these altered states. The best of the best in every field have a prowess to access these higher states at ‘will’. So let’s hack the ‘flow’!

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Sunanda Sharma is an expert tarot card reader, a mystic, a life coach/mentor at The Silver Lining, not to mention a published writer. With many years of experience in the holistic healing sciences, and with accolades and awards for her achievements, she has touched many lives and helped seekers find that all elusive direction in life, that they were struggling to find.

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