6 Amazing Alternative Healing Techniques

When we think of healing our mind only goes to energy healing, but there are so many alternative healing techniques for one to try. The great thing about healing practices is that each type can be effective to help different types of problems.

Here are 5 Alternative Types of Healing Practices:

1. Aromatherapy

Alternative healing never smelled better than aromatherapy! By using essential oils to promote healing, aromatherapy has the ability to reduce depression, anxiety, and stress. It’s not just about lighting a fragrant candle, mixing different smells and essential oils is key to getting effective results.

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Balneotherapy uses water as an alternative way to heal the body. It’s a fact that lack of water can lead body organs to not function at optimal levels, so this healing method looks to water to benefit the body. It can help boost metabolism, reduce swellings, and even improve the immune system.

Reiki Healing

3. Reiki

This is an alternative healing practice that deals with the energy flow in the body. Reiki sessions include a practitioner using their hands as the tools, to transfer energy into the body. After just one session, people have found themselves feeling more active and upbeat. It also helps to reduce stress, pain and speeds up the body’s natural healing process.

4. Acupuncture

There are specific points on the body that can be stimulated for healing. Acupuncture is an alternative healing practice that deals solely with needles penetrating the right points of the body for healing and relaxation. It can be a little daunting as this practice deals with needles but the results are most effective!

5. Biofeedback

For those who suffer with high blood pressure, muscle pain, headaches and other bodily troubles, biofeedback could be the answer for you. This practice controls the functions of the body to reduce pain and promote relaxation. The therapist will be knowledgeable in knowing what techniques suit what type of problem.


6. Hypnosis

Hypnosis has always been regarded as a parlour trick but it has surprising alternative healing powers in the world of spirituality. It’s mostly used for relaxation because it puts clients in a trance and changes their consciousness. This takes away the current situations of stress or anxiety.

Yoga and meditation aren’t the only practices that can help spiritually, these alternative healing techniques can do wonders. It’s good to keep trying different practices as each caters to different problems.

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