7 amazing benefits of practicing yoga

benefits of practicing yoga

Yes, asana or postures do make your body supple, just like stretching and other forms of body movements do. But Yoga and yoga asanas are so much more than just fitness tricks. They can help you achieve that perfect state of well-being that you ever wished for. Here are 7 amazing benefits that you can get if you start practicing yoga:

1. Helps you focus better – Yoga can help you in getting rid of random clutters from your mind thereby making it easier for you to focus. You are less likely to get distracted by your own thoughts if you practice yoga asanas coupled with deep breathing exercises.

2. Improves your balance – Bad body postures and balance have been associated with knee problems and back pain. Practicing yoga on a regular basis can help you heal your physical pains and improve your balance.

3. Helps you sleep better – Yoga can provide relief from hustle and bustle of our fast-paced lives. Yoga nidra, a guided meditation helps you relax and sleep better by reducing your stress levels.

4. Improves your blood flow – Yoga can help you improve your blood circulation by pumping more oxygen to your cells especially in your hands and feet. This can in-turn lead to a decrease in the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

5. Makes you Happier – Consistent yoga practice can improve depression leading to greater levels of happiness and better immune system.

6. Prevents digestive disorders  – The body movements or twisting poses in yoga helps to ease constipation, prevents ulcers by facilitating rapid movement of waste through the body system.

7. Keeps allergies at bay – Certain cleansing practices in yoga, like Jala Neti helps to keep the nasal passage free of pollen and other viruses, preventing any allergy to set in.

8. Improves your relationships – Practicing yoga on a regular basis helps you to develop compassion, friendliness and greater empathy for your loved ones. This indirectly has a tendency to influence and improve your relationships for good.

Yoga can immensely affect the way you look at life in general. It’s only when you embrace the countless benefits it has to offer, you’ll have even more motivation to step onto your mat and practice this wonderful tool of holistic healing.


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