7 key benefits of Astrology

7 key benefits of Astrology

Astrology is an ancient study of the positions of the planets, sun, and moon and their motions and its influence on the human character and everything in relation to it. A chart is made with all the information integrated into it known as a Horoscope. It has 12 sectors, whereby each one represents a specific aspect of life. Astrology provides guidance in the various avenues of life.

  • The whys and whats: Astrology addresses the question of our very existence. Why are we here, what is it that we need to accomplish in this life and what lessons we need to learn.
  • Insights into relationship compatibility: Astrology helps us to understand better the nature and dynamics of our relationships with others. As a child, parent, co-worker, partner, spouse or any other relationship for that matter.
  • Productive career and work life: Takes a look at our potential and inclination, determines as to which career path would be beneficial to pursue and what to avoid. Career growth and job satisfaction can be achieved through it.
  • Self analysis: Careful analysis of the chart brings out the inherent strengths and weakness of character of an individual. Inclination towards certain behavior can be understood and can be improved or worked upon.
  • Time cycles: Our lifetime is filled with fluctuating periods of happy and good times and times of troubles and complications. Astrology can help us understand how to utilize these periods of time to our advantage. What would be a good time for certain activities such as marriage, relocation to another place, starting a business or work, planning a trip and other important decisions?
  • Our spiritual purpose: We all are born with an innate soul purpose. Each lifetime must be used to make spiritual progress, something cannot be measured in terms of much money one’s made or the number of property one possesses or the fame one has acquired. A horoscope can give us an indication as to what could be our true calling.
  • Objectivity and details: Although the horoscope is subjective in nature but the readings are objective. Meaning the interpretation of the chart is beyond any individual likes or dislikes and independent of anyone’s opinions. The rules of astrology are the same for everyone. This holds true for the details of the various aspects of life depicted in the chart too.

Taken as a tool of guidance astrology enhances one’s confidence and empowers a person to find their true path and walk that path with dignity.

– Contributed by Ms. Schilpi De, Pranic Healer

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