Angel Messages for December 2016

Angel Messages

Every month, I sit in a meditative state and ask the angels for monthly guidance for each sun sign. Find your sun sign below and see what the angels have to say┬á­čÖé


Aries sun sign
The Angels are telling you that a new phase in your relationship is coming ahead for good. If you are single, you might get an exciting love proposal and your intuitive abilities will be on peak throughout the month. Follow your heart and enjoy the moment.


Taurus sun sign
Angels are guiding you to be positive and believe in positivity. After mid December things will start sorting out. You may face some disappointment but it will be just a temporary phase. Fight for your rights and believe in performing your karma.

Gemini sun sign

Your work and finances may have been affected due to some sudden changes in your life. Angels are asking you to seek out help from them or follow advice of some older person in your family which may benefit you. Spend some time for meditation.


Cancer sun sign


The Angels are asking you to give up any negative thoughts you are having as good time is coming this December. You will get success in your work but you need to be careful in health related matters. Do not avoid small issues which might lead to bigger problem later on. Do angel meditation, they will guide you.


Leo sun sign


Angels are asking you to relax, spend some time with family, take care of your health and nourish yourself. Be busy in what ever you like and postpone any important decesions this month.


Virgo sun sign
Angels are asking you to accept real things in life. You might be seeking alternatives to keep yourself happy and may end up being manipulated by someone. Be careful in your relationships this month and keep a check on your social circle.


Libra sun sign
Angel are telling you to be careful with relationships, do not try to flirt which might defame your reputation and put you in tough spot. Things will be good as far as work related matters are concerned.


Scorpio sun sign
Angels are asking you keep a check on your Ego levels. Your manipulations might hamper your relations and defame you. Do not fall into the trap of greediness and do not take any decision for short term gains.


Angels are guiding you not to underestimate yourself. If you feel you deserve something, demand for it confidently. Believe in yourself and beware of some one close who can become a reason for your loss. Trust your instincts. Ask for Angels help where ever it is required.


Your Health issues will be resolved this month and you will feel more energetic. What ever work you want to take up you will achieve success. If you are single, possibility of either falling in love or getting married is high. This would be your lucky month and your situation will drastically improve after mid December.


Angels are guiding you to follow your dreams and pay attention to the signs angels are going to give you via different means. This is a perfect timing for spiritual growth and learnings for you.



Pisces sun signAngels are sending a lot of blessings this month to you. A lot of appreciation is also on the way for you. Your creativity will be at peak and you will end up in cracking something out of the box which will get you the attention as well as better prospects.

By┬áMs. Monica Agrawal┬áÔÇô Internationally Renowned Celebrity Tarot Reader & Numerologist

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