Angel Messages For November 2016

Every month, I sit in a meditative state and ask the angels for monthly guidance for each sun sign. Find your sun sign below and see what the angels have to say 🙂


Aries sun sign
The Angels say that you may feel like there is some gap in your life. But this is time to fill that gap. You will search yourself this month and revive and revise your plans once again. Though abundance is flowing in your life but you need to take care that do not become greedy and do not burden yourself with too negative worries.


Taurus sun sign
The Angels are asking you to relax and let things happen at their own pace rather than forcing the issue. You may reach a point where you might feel bored and look out for new challenges. Some of you may give a thought to bring a change in your professional life as well. Things may happen at slow pace but will happen for your good if you do not interfere with the harmonious functioning of the Universe.


Gemini sun sign

You may receive guidance of Angels and energies time to time as form of signs and happening around but you are not tuning into your inner-self at this moment and are ignoring your intuition. Angels are asking you to spend some time meditating and following your intuition. Do not trust anyone blindfolded.


Cancer sun sign


The Angels are supporting you in your life. Negative and positive are two sides of the same coin; its upto you to choose one and follow. What ever side you choose now will shape your future. Follow the path of positivity if you seek betterment in your life.


Leo sun sign


Angels are asking you to keep a check on your Ego and Greed. Self assumptions and becoming too judgemental about things may result in the loss of some good relations. Take care of your health and mood.


Virgo sun sign
You may seem tired or stressed out mentally as well as physically. Archangel Raphael will be your guide this month. Ask for help from the Angels to heal. All things will end well if you do not loose hope and angels are there to help you.


Libra sun sign
Angels are telling you to follow your path and take actions with confidence. This month is the month of success and fulfillment for you.


Scorpio sun sign
Angels are asking you to focus on communication this month. Lack of communication with others may put you in trouble. Keep a check on your ego and dominance which may spoil your relations as well. Becoming too fussy with things can put you in the limelight in a negative way.


Angels will come this month to help you with dilemmas and confusion. Take their help as and when required. Motherly figure may be helpful for you. By the end of November things will be sorted out for the good.


You are natural healers and Angels say you will receive others appreciation. Focus on helping others. You may be successful in your venture and receive full universal positive support. Just do take care of your health


Angels are advising you not to take too many risks this month. Taking decisions without consulting well wishers may lead you to trouble. Be careful about whom to believe. Some one close (a friend or relative) may be manipulating you for their own good reasons. Seeks angels help and pay attention to the signs they give.


Pisces sun signYour leadership, courage, and loyalty will shine this month. Angels may give you strength that you become an inspiration for others as well. Help others but do not avoid your own needs. Learn to say ‘No’ wherever it is required.


Ms. Monica Agrawal

Monica Agrawal

By Ms. Monica Agrawal – Internationally Renowned Celebrity Tarot Reader & Numerologist

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  1. I have s court case on 23rd of this month it is against land mafia who r trying to force me leave my house what is there for me i want to win this case i m a widow staying alone with no source of income please help

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