Are You Really Living?

The word life simply means the existence of a living being. On the surface, life looks quite simple except that it’s not. So what makes life complicated? Why do we fail to live a happy and peaceful life. Is it God, our karma or we, ourselves? The reference to the source of this question can be found in our last Article 4 INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT DESTINY.

In this Article, we will take you a step ahead from towards living the life while moving ahead on your path towards the destiny. In order to understand that, first we need to understand how we get into this life.

How do we come into this life?

It has been believed for long that a person’s deeds or Karma decides his destiny. People even believe that ‘rebirth’ or ‘reincarnation’ into any form of life is also decided by a person’s deeds. Therefore, technically we ourselves are responsible for the life we are living and the circumstances that we face.

Now the question is, if given a choice why would someone choose a difficult life over a happier life? The answer is very straightforward. While we might think otherwise, It is the soul that chooses this life, not the body. The only thing a soul knows is learning, evolving, and moving towards enlightenment. It keeps looking for the shortest and fastest route towards achieving it. This is how we come into this life.

But why do we suddenly start to feel disenchanted with what we choose in life? What makes us unhappy with what life has bestowed upon us?

What changes in the journey of life?

How to live life happily

A soul enters a body, takes birth and becomes a human life. The circumstances in which a newborn lives and people he/she lives with, condition his/her human body and mind. Now, with that conditioning, we tend to forget about our lessons and start indulging in the vicissitudes of life. We also start complicate our life by chasing the materialistic wealth and pleasure.

A soul is supposed to learn and move forward in the search for its enlightenment. However, while living the everyday life, when a soul starts to loose it’s path, the life starts becoming difficult. We can understand this with the help of a simple example: What do we do when the child forgets what we tell him/her to do? To start with, we remind the child, then we shout at him/her, next level is scolding and then punishing. This is exactly what life does to remind the soul of its lesson and this is how the simple living becomes complicated. This is the point when we are pushed to choose between living and fighting.

Living or Fighting?

For most people, life is about surviving and fighting. Many people take pride in calling themselves as tough or fighters against destiny or creators of the future. However, is life just about fighting and achieving more?  We have been given this life to live in the present and not dwell in the future. But most of us live either in the past or contemplating about the future.

Let us understand with an example.

I am looking forward to an event –  a job, a marriage, an affair, a baby, a promotion, or something else. Now every day I think about – when and how it would happen. In the beginning, I get really excited. But gradually, I start to lose the excitement thinking about all the hurdles that might face along the way. The anxiety might overwhelm me so much that i might totally give up the activity altogether. Even if i stay put and achieve my goal, i would’ve wasted enough time being fearful or anxious causing immense pain to myself.

Instead of worrying about the future, if I keep working towards my goal, living in the present, being thankful for everything that i have,  I will enjoy the entire journey and gain a great experience eventually. Even if it fail to achieve my goal, i would gain enough strength to push myself and work harder next time.

As the whole journey of life is all about connecting with our soul, fighting with it will only push us further away from the enlightenment.

So it leaves us with a question – what is the best way of living?

How to live life happily?

How to live life happily

At many points in our life we experience things and events do not happen at our pace. Every fruit takes its own time to ripe and using incorrect means to ripe it early will only harm us.

Therefore, eagerly waiting and living a life that completely revolves around our desires will actually turn us into someone who will not live even for a single day, as he will fight one situation after another. While, if we count our blessings e.g. our body, each working part of it, clothes we wear,  food we eat etc. including but not limited to everything that someone on this earth might not have been blessed with, and keep working peacefully towards our dreams and desires, we will have a huge reason for living and not fighting. This will not only help us live a life, moment by moment but also with learning our lessons faster and in coping up with the difficulties of life more effectively.

There are people who realize it and even practice it but still fight with themselves daily. The FOOD FOR THOUGHT is, how many hours in the day they spend in counting the blessings and how many hours fighting and cursing themselves for what they do not have.

EVERY CURSE TAKES OUR DREAMS AND DESTINY A STEP FURTHER AWAY FROM US. We will discuss this in detail in our upcoming articles.

In the meanwhile, feel free to share your thoughts and questions in the comment section. Join us here, to get help with personal growth, healing, and counseling.

About author:-

This article was contributed by Mrs. Pooja Sharma Narang.

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Mrs. Narang is a professional counselor, Tarot card reader, and Reiki healer @ The Silver Lining. She is a passionate healer who several years of experience in transforming people’s lives, by utilizing her knowledge of the art and science of energy healing and can help you understand more about what is your destiny. To address mind, body, relationship, and other wellbeing issues, connect with her and learn more on her page. Find your Silver Lining!

Contributed by: Mrs. Pooja Sharma, a professional Healer & counsellor @ The Silver Lining

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