10 Ways to Maintain a Balanced Healthy Diet

What is a Balanced Diet?

A Balanced Diet is vital in maintaining a healthy body. It provides your body with nutrients, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins which are essential for the health and vitality, and growth in case of children. A balanced diet chart is necessary to make a good diet plan. Here are 10 Ways to Maintain a Balanced Healthy Diet –

Balanced Diet

10 Ways to Maintain a Balanced Healthy Diet

    • Have your meal on time:  A healthy diet chart includes 5 small meals with a 3-hour gap. If you eat your food at a proper time, it will help in better digestion.
    • Be active during the day:  Do some physical activity during the day to help yourself with weight reduction and include weight loss exercises in your physical activity to lose weight.
    • Make a list of healthy foods: Research about the foods which are rich in proteins and minerals to get an idea about foods which are healthy.
    • Eat Fruits and Vegetables: Always include fruits and vegetables instead of processed food in your meal. Natural food helps in maintaining a healthy body.
    • Have Proteins: It is important to consume foods which contain protein to help you maintain your weight, boost your energy levels and support your bones and muscles.

Balanced Diet

Here are 5 more ways.

  • Calcium is important: Dairy products like milk, curd are rich in calcium which helps in building strong bones and so it is important to include calcium or calcium supplements in your diet plan.
  • Carbohydrates for Energy: Your body needs the required amount of carbohydrates which is available in whole grains, brown rice, oats, lentils, fruits, and veggies. They also have fiber content which boosts your energy levels.
  • Less fat intake: Try to reduce the fat intake in your diet as too much fat intake can increase your weight and cause health problems. An adequate amount of fat is essential for improving your immune system.
  • Cut sugar out of your balanced diet chart: Sugar has high-calorie content and fewer nutrients. Too much sugar consumption may cause diabetes, tooth decay, heart disease and obesity.
  • Drink lot of water: Drinking water helps in boosting your metabolism and breaking down your food properly. It is suggested to include fluids and food with high water content in your balanced diet chart.

By now, you might have a fair idea of what is a balanced diet? From today, try not to focus on how much you eat. It’s better to bring our attention to what we eat.

Lastly, it is advisable to consult a professional dietician or a nutritionist to prepare the right diet plan for you.

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