Balneotherapy – 5 Hidden Benefits!

Imagine if a session in a hot bath could solve all your body aches and pains, well that’s exactly what Balneotherapy is all about. This healing technique uses water specifically hot water enriched with minerals to help heal body problems such as high blood pressure, nerve issues such as arthritis, and other common health conditions.

5 Reasons to Start Balneotherapy:

Back Pain

1. Lower Back Pain

If your lower back is paining then a dip in got water could do you some good. balneotherapy has shown to be helpful in alleviating muscle pains and spasms. The hot mineral water helps your muscles relax while improving flexibility.

2. Therapeutic Effect

Balneotherapy is often offered in spas and resorts to offer a therapeutic experience to spa-goers. No doubt that some time in hot springs can work miracles for the body. The water works to  soothe the muscles and release the tension that’s built inside from stress and fatigue.

3. Revitalising Minerals

The water used in balneotherapy is rich with certain minerals that are good for the body. Sometimes when people suffer from body pain it could be because the body is lacking certain minerals to help fortify it. Repeated sessions of balneotherapy can revitalise the body with the minerals it’s missing.

4. Goodbye Bacteria

It’s natural that we pick up bacteria in our day to day activities, but Balneotherapy can help to reduce the amount of bacteria present in our body. The hot temperature of the water can help dilute the germs and toxins present in our body. As there’s an increase in temperature the level of circulation in the body increases, that gives more oxygen to the body and this helps remove the toxins. Of course Balneotherapy shouldn’t be overdone, but a few sessions a year and it can keep can the body naturally remove toxins.


5. Stress Buster

At the end of a long day or tense week, a hot spring bath sounds soothing. Balneotherapy can help with specific problems such as body pain or muscle pain, but it’s relaxing overall. The hot water can take the tension away from the body and leave you feeling weightless. It has the same effects as say a little time in the Jacuzzi but with added benefits to the body.

As far as healing techniques go, Balneotherapy is definitely one to try out because it requires the least amount of effort for effective results! Wether you go solo or with friends, this is something you don’t want to miss out on.

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Kavya Sridharan is our newest Content Intern at The Silver Lining. When she isn’t busy typing away, she loves to travel and eat (a lot) –  a delicious combination.

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