Busting the 3 important Myths about Tarot cards

A lot has been said and written about Tarot Cards, as to how and why they are used and who should go for a tarot reading. Several myths about tarot cards exists. However, this might get a little too overwhelming for anyone who is not familiar with Tarot. This is owing to many superstitions and myths revolving around this prediction science.

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Let’s demystify some of the myths about Tarot cards

  • Don’t let others pick up your cards: This is the most common belief among beginners. They believe that others shouldn’t pick their cards as the reading might change magically. Tarot cards aren’t magic. The predictions are going to be as accurate as when a healer picks up the cards and not the seeker, as long as the intent is right.
  • Tarot will define your future: Okay, so this one is really interesting. Many people see Tarot as a future or fortune telling tool. They believe that whatever the Tarot predicts in future, will happen for sure. Tarot is a guidance tool which shows a path where you are heading, based upon where you are right now. It helps to understand your past and present to enable you to make better choices to shape up your future.
  • Magicians practice tarots: Google for ‘Tarot reader’ and you will come across images of women wearing mysterious clothes who look like magicians sitting across a table with cards and a crystal ball. This is not an accurate representation of a tarot reader, its more of a marketing stunt. People from different professions can be a tarot reader like teachers, lawyers, HR manager or somewhere in your neighborhood for that matter, people who have learned how to read tarot cards and can connect with their intuition to predict life events.

Myths about tarot cards are spread due to several false beliefs. Furthermore, we can better understand what Tarot cards are if we understand what they are not. They are neither evil nor magic; you don’t need to have special powers to become a reader yourself.

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