Compassion, Detachment and Final Destination

Have you ever felt demotivated, uncertain, irritated, directionless, and unable to be happy? Do anxiety and anguish rise from nowhere in your living moments? If yes, then you are one of 7.4 billion people who live into similar existential angst. Where has the love gone? Where is the compassion lost?

It is unfortunate that our aimlessness begins from the moment we are born and continues till our demise. The luxuries of life, which we fight so hard for, fail to imbibe a sense of pure bliss. You might be sitting in a house worth millions, wearing branded attires, and sipping offshore beverages, but you could also be wearing a mask which hides your worries. Selfishness is so prevalent that the meaning of compassion is not understood anymore.

Where are we going wrong? What is the purpose of our birth? What is it that we are seeking to accomplish lifetimes over lifetimes? Why are people so troubles? Allow us to solve the riddle of existence.

Unraveling Existential Conundrum Through Compassion

Esoteric literature attempts to answer the existential crisis which plagues humankind. Bhagavad Gita addresses the misery of earthlings- “As the embodied soul continually passes, in this body, from childhood to youth, to old age, the soul inhabits another body at the time of death.” At the same time, it mentions that one can break the cycle of resurrection by breaking free of the obligations of karma.

What is Karma? Karma is the thing that snares us and proceeds with the never-ending cycle of birth and death. Devotion and its rewards will undoubtedly make us unintentionally confer some demonstration of profanity since that is the idea of this material world which is brimming with temptations. Just unadulterated profound movement liberates us from the cycle of rehashed birth and passing.

Like we observed in the earlier passage, enlightenment is the key to free us from the existential angst. Nowadays, we see people enrolling themselves in yoga and meditation classes. However, do they genuinely reach such a pure state of being?What are the ways that lead us to find our true selves?

Loving Enough to Let Go

The esoteric literature mentions compassion and detachment as our saviors. They seem to be oxymorons at first; two opposites coupled together to the path of enlightenment. However, if we reflect on them, they are very much alike.

When one reaches a stage of complete compassion, there remain no boundaries between one’s true self and that of others. You become them; you merge in your surroundings and people around. While on the path of detachment, one ignores all the practical aspects of one’s surroundings. It happens by detaching oneself from the binding that holds it together and projecting oneself as a separate identity. You don’t register anything or anyone, as you transcend the boundary of the sense and separateness. As we said, there is no sense of others or the self.

We might look at compassion and detachment as terms which are people-centric. In reality, it is a process. One can demonstrate the compassion as one sugar cube dissolving itself into the water, which is consciousness. Once it’s immersed in water, it disappears. Hence, their separate existence vanishes. Similarly, the path of detachment leads one to reach the same destination.

Choosing Compassion is Choosing Liberation

Sometimes the process of detachment is confused with ignorance; it is not. Ignorance stems from the ego where you consider yourself and others as separate identities and choose not to acknowledge them. Detachment is losing the sense of the self by withdrawing from the ego (that teaches separateness.) Once you attain detachment, compassion follows, both imbibe us with the creative consciousness which flows through the universe.

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