The deeper meaning of chronic knee pain



Do you experience those sudden bouts of excruciating pain in your knees every time you sit, stand up or walk up/down the staircase ?

Chances are that you are already suffering from chronic knee pain and you don’t even know about it !

At a certain age, many people are prone to suffer from knee pain, especially those who are overweight. Various conditions can result in or aggravate your existing pain; deformity of the knee joint being the main cause of it. What’s interesting here is to note that there are small chakras located around your knees and if the energy flow is clogged up in these chakras, it results in the said deformation.

The deformation occurs over a course of many years which begins to manifest itself by sending discomforting sensations in the knees and ultimately evolving into pain, swelling or sensitivity in one or both the knees. All this happens because unproductive energy gets tapped around our knee chakras and they respond poorly to it resulting in various chronic issues.

It is therefore extremely crucial to treat your knee pain as early as possible because our body otherwise tries to compensate for the lost support by shifting burden on other body parts, particularly on our backbone and the femoral joints resulting in other physical damages.

Pranic Healing has been found to be quite effective and easy to treat such chronic cases of knee pain. Through simple exercises and activation of energy centers or chakras in the palm of the hands, it is possible to scan for the unproductive energy field trapped inside the patient’s body to locate blockages and be able to cleanse, energize and revitalize that area with new prana or energy.

Though Pranic healing is not a magic wand, and while chronic diseases take time to cure, the relief from pain is felt immediately by everyone in varying degrees. It may not be a substitute for traditional medicine but works pretty well along with all forms of holistic healing treatments.

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