“Discovering the Inner Realms”- The Spiritual Journey of a Chosen One

Who is Hemma Krishna?

Hemma Krishna shares that she came into existence on 24th day of October 1975, in New Delhi. She was brought up in a religious ambience, and thus, her spiritual inclination was inevitable. She says that she is fortunate to have witnessed the regular prayers and religious ceremonies performed by her parents since her childhood. Every time she stood in the little temple of her home, umpteen questions would bud in her mind such as who is God? Does Krishna exist? Can she ever talk to him? And so on. She became highly inquisitive and craved to find the answers to questions budding in her mind. Let’s know more about Hemma’s life after spiritual awakening in the narration below.

Life Towards Spiritual Seeking

Hemma’s curiosity kept growing as she grew older and hankered to connect with something more profound that could satisfy the quest of her soul. It was then the destiny decided to reveal its plan. A time arrived when her life resembled a roller coaster ride because of numerous highs and lows. She felt emotionally wrecked and devastated. And before she realised, she was learning Reiki, a method of healing one’s self as well as the others.

Hemma states that the moment she entered the healing world, everything seemed to move magically and effortlessly. It appeared as if the mystic world was calling out to her for a long time and she realised it much later. The universe opened yet another beautiful world at that crucial point in her life when she needed to heal herself and transform her life. Gradually, she chose to find the answers about life and soul, but they didn’t come as spontaneously as she had hoped they would. With her robust determination and strong urge to seek, the answers steadily revealed themselves in her daily prayers or meditation. Her irresistible desire to equip herself with the vital tools such as Tarot Cards, Reiki, Feng-Shui and Numerology landed her in a world far more fascinating than the conscious mind can ever perceive.

A Journey to Self-Discovery

Hemma’s journey began with discovering the realm of life at the “Landmark Education Forum” after which she started connecting with people peculiarly. Along with that benevolent connection, she felt an uncanny inclination towards “Tarot Cards”, predominantly because they have an element of cosmic energy about them and are used for predictive purposes. The fascination for these cards led her to take over this oracle.

The study of Tarot Cards not only provided Hemma with art to put words around her intuition but also facilitated her to connect with people. She started to see the card reading as a wonderful aid to self-discovery as well as an immaculate tool to uncover the past, the present & the future. At this stage, she started neglecting her well-settled profession of fashion designing. Hemma recognised a shift that she was no longer connected to anything which solely enhanced the outer world. For her, the inner journey had already begun, but she was still attempting to communicate with the external world as it was giving her material and financial stability.

Hemma’s heart longed for subtle and pure vibrations. She kept contemplating the struggle of her continuing inner journey and in-depth satisfaction of the soul, and the practical needs that require money and earnings. She never took healing and tarot as her main profession till this stage as it did not provide her with enough financial stability. Back then, she only made Rs 100- 500/- per session, which she prefers calling as an ‘energy exchange’. This too was because people insisted on paying something. Otherwise, her heart was inclined to do this as a service.

Overcoming the Spiritual Block

Hemma recollects that it wasn’t an easy decision to shift her career at that stage. She felt insecure and unsure at that point. In response, she began chanting and praying even more and slowly her inner-self gave her the strength to continue. Her inner voice whispered, “If Universe/ nature brought you on this path; only it will take care of you and your finances in future.” It was a sign that she was eagerly waiting for. She stopped contemplating, and a strange surge of surrender dawned on her. She decided to trust the Divine and move forward with much more faith and conviction.

At this stage, Hemma began to realise that she needed to penetrate deeper into the proficiency of tarot reading to efficiently connect with people as a reader and understand the psychology of the subject. To fill this gap, she pursued the academic side of her field at the “Harvard University”, USA and received formal education in Psychology and “Adolescent and Young Adult Development”. At the university campus, she perused the readings for people coming from different walks of life and cultures which gave her yet another perspective to interpret and analyse the various shades human behaviour and minds. When Hemma returned to India, this path further led her to the field of Mind Therapies, Alternate Healing, Counselling and also pursuing Masters in Psychology. She is grateful to Maa (Dr Aarti Khosla Ji) for guiding her and showing this path of love and light through her satsangs, healing sessions and training.

Amidst this spiritual expedition, Hemma was fortunate enough to come across the “Bhagavad Gita Deck” with which she fell instantly in love. This incident proved to be a turning point in her life and the most miraculous one.

A step forward towards Spiritual Learning

Hemma’s real inner journey started when she was researching for some material online, and she came across an international website offering a card deck called the Bhagavad Gita deck.

Hemma says that she felt a connection to the BG deck cards that can only be compared to love at first sight. Even then, she was unsure if she could buy those cards in India. Days passed until one day she came across a spiritual person who happened to be a Krishna devotee. After a few customary exchanges of words, he spontaneously and graciously stated, “You are capable of taking this medium of divination to a different level.” The words coming out of his mouth felt like a message coming from the Divine himself. His words forced her to think big and beyond the usual manner of predictions. He said that if she believes in her instincts/intuitions and establishes Krishna in her heart, she would witness the signs shortly. After all, with a guiding light in the form of spiritual legacy, he suggested that it would further fine-tune her foretelling.

Bhagawad Gita Deck and its Blessings on Her

A few months later, Hemma woke up one morning with a nagging feeling that she must go to a bookshop. It felt almost like a calling. Once there, when casually browsing the bookshelves, her hand was pulled towards a beautiful box with an attractive picture of Lord Krishna. She pulled out the box and, lo and behold, to her utter surprise, it was the same Gita deck she had seen on the internet, which left her mesmerised. As she held that deck in her hand, she had goosebumps and felt a sensation rising from her spinal cord right through to her brain and ending there. She brought the deck home and merely put it by her bedside for some days.

Since the moment she kept the deck beside her bed, Hemma says that she started having visions of the cards in her dreams and she was somehow assured that the destiny would arrange for another meeting with the Krishna devotee who had encouraged her.

As it would happen, Hemma met the Krishna devotee soon after that and narrated the whole episode to him and requested him to guide her further so she could decipher the meaning of those dreams. He said, “Nothing is a coincidence” and accepted her request. The devout Krishna devotee introduced her to the ancient art of using Bhagavad Gita verses for accurate predictions. He expounded the esoteric meaning of Bhagavad Gita to prove that all questions and answers to the problems that can ever arise in the human mind exist in this holy book. He believed that Bhagavad Gita cards could bring a unique way of guiding people.

Soon after that, Hemma and the devotee started working on the Bhagawad Gita Deck as he explained the meaning of each card. He carefully trained her in the science of using the BG deck and instructed her to freely share this knowledge with all others because of his mission to alleviate the human suffering in today’s world. Clouds of confusion dissipated in a matter of hours and she felt the camouflage had come off the cards. It all made perfect sense.

Hemma feels that her journey of finding and unravelling the mystery behind the Bhagavad Gita was comparable to Arjuna’s position as he sought answers to the meaning of life and right and wrong by approaching Lord Krishna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra. She felt determined and inspired to use her new-found knowledge of the ‘Bhagavad Gita Deck’ for the benefit of other human beings.

Hemma emerged as new and different Hemma. She felt an unmatched responsibility towards the Bhagavad Gita deck and spent days meditating on each card. With deep faith in each letter written in the Bhagavad Gita, she thanked the Lord for showing her the light on this path.
With each passing day, even as she continues to understand the BG deck, Hemma has accepted that one could easily spend an entire lifetime studying it and yet not wholly fathom its divine messages.

New Worlds Beckon

Currently, Hemma is a Psychic Consultant, Holistic Healer, Motivational counsellor and a Psychotherapist. She feels incredibly fortunate, as her profession gives her an immense pleasure and satisfaction when she connects with people at a deeper spiritual level. Her goal is to tap the cosmic energy around people with certain esoteric healing methods to help them see their future, understand the present better and make sense of their past. Happenings in people’s life today can be the catalysts or obstacles tomorrow. Her readings aim to bring clarity and optimism in the minds of humans. Her healings help people detoxify their mind and body, and experience inner peace to lead a fruitful life. She offers an added dimension through her spiritual Tarot reading, which gives comfort, advice, and hope for the future to people in pain. The real purpose of the occult guidance is to provide people with a wholesome experience, to help them recognise their potential, empower them to encounter difficult times with courage & lead happy and meaningful lives.

Hemma Krishna shares that one of the biggest blessings she has received is to learn the art of Meditation from none other than the greatest Himalayan Mystic ‘Om Swami Ji’. His meditations, combined with healing modalities that she has learned; are greatly helping people towards physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation. These ‘therapeutic meditations’ help our body, mind, spirit to be in harmony and benefit the seekers in a much deeper way. Undertaking individual and meditative group sessions for healing is one of her favourite tasks. She loves to volunteer at old age homes, orphanages and any such place where they need love, care, and healing whenever possible.

The Truth Unravels

Hemma accepts that though it is a rewarding and heart satisfying profession for her today, it has taken a lot of hard work, persistence, time and energy to reach where she is today. Getting back to books after a long break was not smooth and it was only because of Divine blessings and her determination that kept her going. At the campus, while her friends use to party, she found herself soaked in the books day and night. When she perused her Masters in Psychology, she had to be on her toes even on Sundays. There were no breaks or off-days. Vipassana Meditation became her first lead into the world of meditation. Any break that she wanted to take took her to Vipassana.

By Hemma’s account, she has spent many hours in meditations and reading, in past ten years, which have not only helped her to purify and rejuvenate but also flows naturally towards the seekers. She never bothered for holidays if anyone needed her time. There were times when she used to be unwell but still chose to take sessions because she feels that compassion leads to the path of selflessness, which is the most beautiful aspect of her profession as a healer. Hemma believes that that the one thing a healer can’t run away from is the karmic responsibility of being of any help to anyone at any point in time. Even at the parties, get-togethers and during flights, people would share their issues on seeing her as a counsellor. She tries her best to extend whatever is possible in that scenario. Hemma expresses that she has realised that nature takes the best out of us when our interests are beyond our own limited needs.
As she looks back into her life now, she recognises that complications made her stronger and grief became a shorter route towards Divinity. She is still walking the path, with faith and gratitude.

“Be Grateful, Be Mindful”

Hemma avows that her success Mantra is paying “Gratitude” as gratitude makes us emotionally pure and only such purity allows us to love unconditionally.

As she puts it, her heart swells up with gratitude to Lord Krishna for choosing her to get the glimpses of the enormous treasure of knowledge and for allowing her to share the fruits of this knowledge with others. Her heartiest gratitude flows for each one who has in some way or other, contributed to her life. People have been generous in showing their trust and sharing their lives with her. Everyone inspires her in a unique way. It further helps her renew her inspiration as she learns, unlearn and shares with everyone.

Hemma is indebted to her Revered Mentor, Spiritual Master, (Om Swami Ji) who has been her guiding force throughout her journey. She has been very fortunate to be under his guidance. With Om Swami Ji around, Hemma’s life holds so many simple blessings that each day brings its wonders. She bows on his lotus feet as she is extremely grateful to Him and will always be.

A Note to the Reader

If you wish to make a difference, to take up a cause to help others, a cause that makes your existence more useful, which in turn will make your life more fulfilling, start sharing and giving. Have Faith and Stay connected with your inner self. Give before you take, give lot more than you wish to take. Nature will reciprocate in manifold undoubtedly. (Quote inspired by Om Swami)

Indeed, Hemma’s life is nothing short of a miraculous journey.

About the Healer

Hemma Krishna is a Delhi-based Psychic Consultant, Holistic Healer, Motivational counsellor and a Psychotherapist. She is well-versed in Tarot Cards, Feng-Shui, Numerology, and Reiki Healing. Her forecasts were published in ‘Cosmopolitan’, a women’s magazine, every month. At present, she is an in-house forecast writer for Jet Airways and Jet Wings. Passionate about the welfare of fellow human beings, she is also a part of the “Mental Health Support Groups” (which are programs run by Delhi based NGOs).

To Book a Session with her, follow- https://www.thesilverlining.co.in/hemmakrishna



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