A Seekers Guide To Receiving Effective Healing

Once, a friend came to me to get healing for her relationship problems. I explained to her how Reiki® healing works, what the science behind it is, and how it will heal her relationship problems. She was very happy for she could overcome what seemed impossible to her before we had met, and I started her healing. However, I missed to guide her on how to ensure effective healing, and decided to jot these points down below –

Effective Healing

Simple Pointers To Ensure Effective Healing

1.  Complete the recommended healing course

Half way through the healing course (at a very crucial point), she stopped coming. She said she was okay with the improvements so far and didn’t want me to work on it any further. This created temporary relief for her, but soon the situation relapsed. Effective healing was rendered temporary.

2.  Effective healing requires faith

These were my exact words to my friend – “During every healing course, the participation of the seeker is very important. Effective healing begins with being willing to receive the healing and trusting that it works.”

3.  Participate actively to ensure effective healing

One needs to be willing ‘to work’ along with the healer. ‘To work’ means to be ready to go to darker places within and facing the ugliest part of the self. One shouldn’t giving up even when it’s tough, to truly experience effective healing.

Any healing for that matter isn’t a magic pill that can give you all that you want. Healing happens when you are ready to go that extra mile when you choose to trust, and you follow the guidelines your healer suggests.

Doesn’t it make sense to be involved and experience YOUR HEALING YOURSELF?

So the next time you visit a healer, be involved, understand the process, and try to,

  • Ask him as many questions as you have.
  • Know how it actually works.
  • Be involved throughout the process.
  • Know that you deserve to understand the process well before going through it.

Contributed by : Ms. Gayatri Bari , professional Reiki Healer

                                                                                                                        Gayatri Bari, Reiki Healer @ The Silver Lining





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  1. This fact that a healing process is a two way system which requires equal effort from a seeker is very true. But its also something most seekers are unaware of, and they aren’t ready to take the pains required to commit to healing themselves

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