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inner balance

The human ‘body’ is comprised of several systems functioning in accord to keep us able and healthy. Our physical bodies consist of various systems such as the skeletal, respiratory, digestive and circulatory to name a few. It’s the same of our subtle or energy body, which is sustained by the chakra or the energy centers that extend outside the body and from the top of our head to the soles of our feet.

There are said to be 88,000 chakras in the human body covering every part of the body, however, there are primarily seven chakras that are the most significant. In good health, all the chakras are aligned and balanced. However, if any of them become over activated or slow or get blocked, it affects the flow of ‘prana’ or energy in our systems resulting in illness or dis-ease in the different layers of energy field we have surrounding us.

Each chakra has physical, mental and emotional function attributed to it. For e.g the state of Basic or Muladhara Chakra affects the blood, bones, muscle and functioning of the adrenal glands. Also, our physical strength or our will to survive depends on it. Our first three lower chakras (Root, Sacral, Navel) help us deal with functions and emotions of a more basic nature such as anger, self-preservation, desire, and instinct. The Higher thoughts and emotions such as love, compassion, clarity, intuition and feelings of oneness are projected and controlled from the Heart (it provides a bridge between the upper and the lower chakras), Throat, Ajna (Also known as the Master Chakra, since it controls and directs the other chakras) and Crown Chakra.

Pranic Healing is a non-touch distance therapy which brings about a balance between the chakras. Here four more chakras are taken into consideration besides the 7 main chakras while healing the energy body (namely the Meng-Meng, Spleen, Solar and Forehead). Removing the congested ‘dirty’ energy facilitates the process of Chakral Balancing and restoring the depleted energy where it’s required thus ensuring the ‘prana’ flows effortlessly.

Our thoughts and actions in the outer world are indicative of the state of our inner state of wellbeing. Once our chakras are in alignment and balanced we can lead more fulfilling and fruitful lives. It helps us to create and share more joy, abundance, and bliss in our lives.

We shall explore how other modalities help achieve Chakra Balancing in our next article.

– Contributed by Ms. Schilpi De, Pranic Healer

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