Find out your Name Number (Numerology Part 1)

Name Number (Numerology Part 1)

What if i tell you that your name has a unique number associated with it ?

According to the science of Numerology, every name has a numerical value that influences your relationships, finances, career, personal and professional development. Not only this, your name number can tell you a lot more than you already knew about yourself and give you a whole new perspective on your life.

Here’s a simple method to help you to calculate your name number:

  1. Assign numbers to letters in your name: write all the alphabets vertically in an increasing order. Assign number 1 to letter ‘A’, 2 to ‘B’ and so on. Once you assign 9 to the letter ‘I‘, continue assigning numbers to the remaining letters starting again with 1 and repeating the cycle after ‘S‘ until you reach Z. This will give you a number-letter chart.

Name Number (Numerology Part 1)

  1. Write your full name: use the number-letter chart (derived in step 1) to assign numbers to the letters in your full name in the order of ‘First name’ followed by ‘Middle name(if any)‘ and ‘Last name’. For example, if your name is ‘ACJ JIN’ , then A will be assigned to ‘1’, C to ‘3’, J to ‘6’ and so on. Use of nicknames is strictly prohibited as they won’t give you accurate results.
  2. Add all the letter numbers: add all the numbers assigned to the different letters in your name to arrive at a unique two/three digit number. For example, ACJ JIN would give you 1+3+6+6+9+5= 30.
  3. Reduce the sum into a single digit number: add all the digits together (of the sum derived in step 3) to arrive at a single digit number.For example, if the sum of your letters is 30, then add 3+0 to equal 3. Thus 3 is your name number.
  4. Leave out the master number exception: Don’t reduce your name letter sum to a single digit number if you get a total of either 11,22 or 33. These are known as the master numbers in Numerology and they add their own depth to a particular personality type. They can be reduced to single digits when they are found within a date or number equation.

Once you have arrived at your Name Number, you can look up for the same in the Numerology chart to get insights about your personality type and much more.

We shall discuss about the different ‘Name number’ personality types in our next article on Numerology. Till then have fun finding your own magical personality number 🙂

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