The Fool’s card in Tarot – The soul in search of experience

The number ‘o’ in the Tarot deck of 78 cards is represented by the Fool ‘s Primordial energy. As in the number zero, which has no beginning and no end, so is the placement of the card which can be placed anywhere either in the beginning or the end of the Major Arcana. The unlimited potential of the number zero can add up to transform your life to the highest possible denominator if backed by the right decision and action.

the fool

The warmth of rising sun behind the fool’s card brings new hopes and opportunities despite the night Fall and his eyes looks up to embrace this divine grace. The fool’s card personifies, throws caution to the wind, free spontaneous, energetic spirit embarking on his own trip to tread the unknown territories to achieve his heart’s desire (as depicted carrying a rose). He is determined to reach his destination and accomplish his impossible goals with a small satchel that hangs behind his shoulder. The ground beneath his foot is not very stable nor is his position, although stationary position depicts forward movement. He has no fear of depths nor the caution to look before he steps forward. Though a spirited spiritual being, connected to higher self he lacks the wisdom of the practical earthy person who can transform his ideas into tangible reality. He neither has the sufficient resources nor the experience to handle people and situations in life.

The card also cautions us to take heed of subtle whispers of intuitive knowledge within us or our own inner voices that may embody as our loyal companions (white dog) who are not really holding us back from pursuing our dreams but only cautioning us from the faulty decision and thoughtless action.

The fool, in a nutshell, does urges you to take a risk and get into action but not without a pause.

– Contributed By : Ms. Divya Raut, Tarot Healer

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Divya Raut

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