Heal and Cure with Karmic Connection

Defining Heal and Cure

Before proceeding, let’s understand the literal meaning of heal and cure.

Heal– Cause (a wound, injury, or person) to become sound or healthy again.
Cure– Relieve (a person or animal) of the symptoms of a disease or condition.
-Oxford Dictionary

Although the mainstream understanding of heal and cure is similar, they are opposite to each other on being analysed. In reality, we are living two existences simultaneously; one that is the seen, which is the mortal form, and the other, unseen which is eternal. All our thoughts, desires and actions are as ‘karmic’ imprints at both levels, of which the creative consciousness is aware.

Understanding the Difference of Heal and Cure

Are you one of those people who think that falling ill is something which is dealt only by doctors? No. Like I said above, humans are a fusion of mortal and eternal elements. The disease first manifests itself in the eternal aspect as a karmic imprint and only later expresses itself as a disease or an issue in someone’s present life. Sometimes, we are already born with the eternal imprint which has already manifested itself as a physical or mental condition.

Simply put, all our karmic imprints are responsible for the various issues, be it diseases, any form of handicap, disharmony, difficult people or situations. In fact, the sole objective of one taking birth is to get cured of all these karmic imprints. For example, an enlightened person or Guru is free from all sorts of imprints, and they achieved it by raising one vibration or consciousness.

Heal and Cure a Soul in Need

Healing accelerates this entire process. However, it is a continuous process of understanding and resolving these issues when they manifest our lives. The healer can help the person who is asking for help. Healers understand the true nature of any problem. In a way, they are specialists of the souls. However, the actual cure for any disease or issue is only found when one examines the events, circumstances or diseases of someone’s life closely. Its effects are at a physical level but also at a soul level. To help others, a healer needs to raise own consciousness first and then connect to higher creative consciousness. Curing is when the issue has been eliminated, thereby concluding the process of healing. Absolute curing of all these imprints is also referred as “ Nirvana”.

About the Healer

Sunando Basu is a certified Pranic Healer with ten years of experience. His forte is conscious healing, which includes visualization and intuition to assist people in their respective phases of life. He specializes in a vast range of services which cover financial issues, health, personality development, and so on.
Currently residing in South Delhi, he continues to utilize his giftedness to be a spiritual guide to people. You can contact him at https://www.thesilverlining.co.in/sunandobasu

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