Healthy food – the secret of happiness

Healthy food is the source of happiness. Eating well is a form of self-respect. It is an investment in your body.

Are you eating right? Do you look beyond what comes on your plate or what lies on your kitchen rack? Have you thought about what the farmers go through before they put that food on your table? No, we do not and I guess no one cares because there are so many other things that interest us these days that we tend to lose track of the basic things in nature until it is too late.

The extinction of healthy food

I am writing this today after talking to my friend yesterday about how earlier the farmers used to grow their own seed and use manure. They were one of the richest people, however with time our government hand in glove with some foreigners decided to ban the growth of seeds and started selling Genetically Modified Seeds( GMO and that is not “Food” at least it has no nutrition value) to farmers that do not multiply, seeds that do not give birth ? Does that sound right? Yes, that has happened for over 20 years now!!

Earlier the seeds we had were natural but they are almost extinct now. These GMO seeds force the farmer to use harmful pesticides on their fields. These harmful chemicals have definitely shown their long-term effect on the people of our country and on the rich land of this country. The land has become sterile because of these chemicals. Farmers also commit suicide because the cost of seed+cost of fertilizer is way more than what they get for the produce.

We miss the healthy food of those days.

Balanced Diet

Time to think

The sad part for our country is that we were one of the major exporters of wheat & rice and now we are struggling to produce the same. This is due to pumping of more chemicals into the soil with no respite to the land or its people.It is a vicious cycle and until you have the resources to keep your land fallow for a few months and break out of this cycle it is almost impossible to pull yourself out of it.

I know that the plight of farmers does not matter to most of us and we are only concerned with what comes on the table, however we live in a society which is dependent on each other and it won’t be long before you will realise that what the farmer does, directly affects you and your family.I come from this background and so I thought it was my duty to inform about the challenges that we face.

Think about it, people doing hard physical labor 20 years back could survive on just Roti and Pyaz?

Natural farming and healthy food.

Our natural wheat had nutrients, vitamins that help us in keep going. No one was gluten or lactose intolerant, it was a staple food and people lived long healthy lives. For those who think they are gluten and lactose intolerant, you are only chemical and GMO intolerant, which means the cells of your body are rejecting poison and hormones which are banned worldwide and that is a good thing.

This journey started 15 years back when we were young. My granddad fell sick and so my mom took the farming job and soon enough she realized the effects of chemicals on her laborers and on the food that came on the table. She then decided to grow seeds separately for home consumption. No one really valued what she did. Only a mother can take such pains for her family. Anyhow today by God’s grace we have included more land over the years into chemical free and natural farming and thus are in a place to bring the same to society at large.

This healthy diet is important for our body to live a happy and healthy life.

When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need. ~Ayurvedic proverb.

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Sunanda Sharma is an expert tarot card reader, a mystic, a life coach/mentor at The Silver Lining, not to mention a published writer. With many years of experience in the holistic healing sciences, and with accolades and awards for her achievements, she has touched many lives and helped seekers find that all elusive direction in life, that they were struggling to find.

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