Self-Confidence Building through Meditation

Self-confidence cannot be gained overnight, but it can be groomed through meditation, which can help boost your self-confidence. Meditation is often seen as a tool to attain relaxation or a peace of mind but it’s also working towards strengthening certain emotions.

Here’s How You Can Build Your Self-confidence Through Meditation:

1. Mantras

It may sound a little silly but mantras are effective in conditioning positive behavior, and the right mantra can really help boost your self-confidence. Saying mantras during meditation reaffirms and positive, repeating them conditions your brain into thinking positively towards it and makes you believe that it’s true. Here are a few examples:

I don’t have to be perfect to be self-confident.

  • I’m unique.  I don’t compare myself to others.
  • This is enough.  I do enough,  I have enough.
  • I’m in charge of my life.  I make the best possible decisions for myself based on what I know in the present moment.
  • This is my life.  This life belongs to me.

Mindfullness Meditation

2. Mindfulness Meditation

This type of meditation is popularly used to increase positivity and self-confidence. The whole purpose of mindfulness meditation is to focus attention on an item or something that is happening at the moment and trying not to react to it. In real life,  individuals won’t get deterred when such situations occur, boosting levels of confidence used to tackle all sorts of problems.

3. Yoga Mudras

In the spiritual world, yoga and meditation go hand in hand. Yoga mudras use gestures during meditation to direct the flow of energy by using the hands.

The logic behind this is that different parts of the hands are connected to different parts of the brain and body, so by doing these different gestures, specific energy channels are created to parts of the body. The different mudras to try during meditation are Gyana Mudra, Prana Mudra, Anjali Mudra and much more.

Visualization During Meditation

4. Visualisation + Meditation

Visualisation during meditation is the perfect combination. When you picture exactly what you wish for, it’ll motivate you to work for that goal. This activity also takes you away from the negative thoughts, making room for affirmative ones.

Meditation gets great results when it’s done consistently. It acts as the perfect motivational activity to get one through a long day. So start with these activities and give yourself the much-needed boost of self-confidence.

About the author:

Kavya Sridharan is our newest Content Intern at The Silver Lining. When she isn’t busy typing away, she loves to travel and eat (a lot) –  a delicious combination.

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