How to Draw Positive Energy Into Your Life

There are two reactions to every situation, a positive or negative one. Normally it’s easier to react negatively but that negative energy can stay with you longer than you think, but it’s easy to let that energy go and bring in some positive energy, here’s how:

5 Ways to Draw Positive Energy:

Positivity in Life Through Mantra

1. Have a Mantra

Similar to how you count from 1 to 10 to stay calm, try having a mantra for yourself that exudes positivity. Mantras such as – “There’s always something to be thankful for,” “I have the power to create change,” “Enjoy the little things,” or “Focus on what matter.” If it helps print out your mantra as a poster or hang a few post-its around your desk at work or at home to keep the positive energy flowing.

2. Keeping a dream journal

A dream journal is perfect to write down all the positive thoughts that we want to become reality. By physically writing positive thoughts will reinforce them into your mind, breeding positive energy mentally. Also it’s a good way to express ones feelings that they might not be able to in any other way.

3. Engage in uplifting conversations with yourself

Everyone talks to themselves, it’s a natural tendency but what usually happens in bad situations is that we become hard on ourselves and tell ourselves that we can do better. Next time this happens, don’t do that. If something goes wrong don’t be quick to critique yourself, tell yourself things like “It’ll get better” or “it’s okay,” to give yourself the much needed positive energy. Like they say, you are your worst critic.

Positivity in Life through kindness

4. Acts of Kindness

When you do something nice for others, there’s a sense of happiness and fulfilment that comes with it. Paying it forward can be a positive experience. These acts of kindness can be as small as holding the door for someone, helping someone who seems lost, or even helping a friend in need – let the random acts of kindness turn into experiences of positive energy.

5. Creative Writing

Similar to the dream journal, creative writing can bring out a lot of positive energy. By creating stories and letting your imagination take over you’re distracting yourself from the negative energy and bringing back the positive.

It’s hard to keep a balance of both positive and negative energy, but it’s important to maintain it. Whether it’s the people we surround ourselves with or our reactions to situations, positive energy is all around us we just have to let it fill into our lives.

About the author:

Kavya Sridharan is our newest Content Intern at The Silver Lining. When she isn’t busy typing away, she loves to travel and eat (a lot) –  a delicious combination.

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