How to love yourself and others?

To love yourself means to accept the way you are. Loving yourself means accepting yourself, forgiving yourself and having self-respect.

I was once told by a very wise man during my initial years in the corporate world… “What you can’t get with force, power, and authority, you can get it by being kind and nice to others.”

This advice got stuck in my mind and has worked for me. It is that subtle power of Love which penetrates through your Heart to your Soul and lights up the gray areas of your Soul, making you stronger in Spirit. Every time you choose to work from a place of Love, you are giving more strength to your Soul. It may not affect immediately but it will do good in the long run.

Today, I was reminded of this advice when doing a healing process. I thought that I would need immense power to heal a condition. So, I was praying God for power but then I realized I need to use the love of God along with the power to do the healing. I was back on the track after this instant realization.

How to love yourself?


We all have been given this gift called “Love” by the Supreme Being. It depends on us how we use it to decide our path. I love myself. It’s time for you to love yourself.

So, start working on yourself today, start by smiling at yourself in the mirror, by sending love to your Heart, it will respond if you try to speak to it, it will also tell you when you are not following your bliss. Start by spending a few minutes a day loving yourself, being kind to yourself, your Soul and the Universe will send you much gratitude for this gift of your time to yourself. Afterall, loving yourself is an art.

Start your day by listening to music that makes you feel good and have a cup of tea or coffee. Always thank god for this wonderful day! and wish well for others at your home. The only goal of yours is to spread the love. It is challenging in the first days but practice makes you perfect. Just come out of ego and continue your journey with love. Trust me this is the only best way you have and it really works wonders.

Kill that ego.

The ego only makes you feel better temporarily. It laughs at you silently and tells you “You did the right thing, how else you could react. We all have gone through this at some point in our life and we fall into the same trap again. This isn’t our fault, it is the way our society has planned us to act, the Fear based programming that if you are nice people will take advantage.This is all coming to an end.

Create a Place of love

Thankfully, the Earth has ascended into a higher dimension and the programs based on fear, greed, and lack do not serve us any longer, In fact, they will slowly break you down, one by one. Karma is going to come back faster now for most of the humanity and those still holding onto the past programming are going to get a jolt in their life to change. Start today by making the changes in your life from fear based to love based and you will see the beauty of life unfold unto you, be it in relationships, family, partnerships, corporates, or day-to-day life this change from Fear to Love is inevitable. The Choice was always yours and still remains so!

Working from a place of love is a practice but it should come naturally. Our life conditions of the present world have blocked the center of heart for all of us. So, like you learn to walk, or play the piano, or simply read & write, this is a practice we need to inculcate in our system now, I say need to because anything which is not of Love will come crashing down in this new dimension. Our bodies will not be able to handle the Ascension energies unless we change to Love, you must have noticed some changes in the last few weeks in your life, or your body especially with the energies of the Eclipses, these are all New Earth  or Ascension energies which are coming in to replace the old energies of the Kali Yuga. We are entering Satyuga and the primary quality required for that is Love…

So will you choose Love?  The Strongest Power in the Universe.  A Little Bit of Love goes a long long way, probably even beyond your comprehension!

About author:-

Sunanda Sharma is an expert tarot card reader, a mystic, a life coach/mentor at The Silver Lining, not to mention a published writer. With many years of experience in the holistic healing sciences, and with accolades and awards for her achievements, she has touched many lives and helped seekers find that all elusive direction in life, that they were struggling to find.

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