Is ‘Hypnosis’ Simply Pendulum Swinging?

The minute you hear the word “Hypnosis”, videos of people dangling pendulums and saying things like “You’re getting sleepy now, your eyes are feeling heavy…” start flashing in our minds.

Pendulum Swinging

Looking at these kinds of videos, whether it’s online or in movies, has shaped our ideas about Hypnotherapy. At one point in time, even I was pretty clueless about what it was and how it worked. However, certain personal situations and issues opened the doors to this form of therapy and it worked wonders for me.

That’s when I decided to pursue it myself so that I could help others as much as I could.

Simply stated, Hypnosis is a state where we are highly receptive to incoming information. Think about it, when are you most likely to listen and analyze information and situations? When you are anxious, worried, stressed or when you’re completely calm and relaxed? Just like us humans, Hypnosis has also evolved with time. There are no pendulums, no mind games that happen, especially in the context of therapy. What was achieved by a pendulum centuries ago is achieved in a matter of a few minutes by simply focusing on your breathing.

A lot of times, people find it difficult to meditate because it doesn’t give them the kind of relaxation that they are seeking. That’s only because, the minute we try and relax, our mind is flooded with the non-stop chatter of the subconscious mind and that makes it difficult to focus.

However, if we continue to focus simply on our breathing; all this chatter will gradually fade into the background. It is in this deeply relaxed state we find ourselves open and receptive to information; which then helps us to look at our issues from a different perspective.

Whether you’re stressed, anxious, depressed, emotionally troubled or experiencing pain –these issues and more can be addressed using Hypnotherapy. At the end of the day, it’s the mind that controls the body and it’s you who controls your mind!

Contributed by : Mrs. Damini Grover, professional Hypnotherapist

Mrs. Damini Grover (professional hypnotherapist)
Damini Grover, Hypnotherapist






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4 thoughts on “Is ‘Hypnosis’ Simply Pendulum Swinging?

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  2. Well.. It’s not dangerous if done with a proper technique. It has evolved with time to make it more suitable to different issues. I’d say it depends on the trust between the client and the therapist and of course the therapist’s training.

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