“I felt like ending my life” : Anamika Ranas’ journey with Tarot

Tarot happened to me in the most natural and unexpected manner. It was like a secret master-plan which was waiting for the right moment to reveal itself. Coming from a strong academic background I never imagined myself entering the world of occult sciences since I always had a mind set of opting for a secured corporate lifestyle. But today, I stand on the other side of the road and am happy to guide others.

Today, Tarot means the world to me. It has made me realize the importance of life in-depth. We have only to let go of our robotic thoughts and act like an innocent soul in search of the unknown, to discover these secrets.


For those who are intimidated, don’t understand, or are skeptical of Tarot reading, let me comfort you, dear one, by reassuring that it’s the most simple and easy tool for personal guidance at any point of life. Whether it be finance, job, business or relationship, Tarot cards can always guide you to take the best path. I have experienced the change personally and I’m very confident about it. Here’s how Tarot reading and its learning has really benefited me –

I was in the midst of preparations for my CA Final exams and I was under immense mental pressure since. I was finding it extremely difficult to juggle both my personal and professional life and I felt I could do nothing to sort it. I was heading for depression and thought I should probably end my life. However, at this one sudden point, I just got up from my study table and opened up my tarot cards and called up my Guruji who has taught me this beautiful science. I discussed the matter with him and I still remember that I only cried over the phone for that one entire hour not knowing the reason for those tears. He kept saying that “Anamika, in the coming two months you are flying high and will achieve so much in life that there will be no time to even look back” Today I realise the power of that moment and the power of Tarot. Had I not believed that moment, I would not have been writing this article. If I can, so can you!

If you are a seeker and willing to experience the change, then allow Tarot to bring it to you in the most beautiful and loving manner. It’s never too dark and it’s never the end; We have to only order the Universe to show us the path, guide us, believe, have faith, and you will eventually see the Silver Lining in every troublesome situation.

Contributed by : Anamika Rana, expert Tarot card reader and fortune healer

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