3 Insights On Tarot Cards Predictions Practice

-Ever since man understood the necessity of communication, there has been a race to express more than his thoughts did contain. When he got tired of analyzing the information through his five senses, he decided to grapple with the unknown. He then realized that the voice from his throat is quite feeble in comparison to the one screaming silently in his mind!

This voice in his mind was the truth of the unconscious, which can be referred to, as, the hotline of the DIVINE.

One of the ways in which I have connected to this hotline is via the mesmerizing Tarot cards.

Tarot Cards Predictions Practice


How Tarot Cards Prediction Is Generally Done

The various guidance modalities, such as Tarot card predictions practice, connect to the subconscious mind of the querent (i.e, the seeker seeking answers), to suggest the right path of his/her future. When I do a reading, it involves two ways –

One, where the connect is between the healer/tarot reader and the seeker’s higher selves. Whatever guidance is thus downloaded is considered channeled from the divine source.

The other method is the triangle, which the healer forms between himself, the seeker and the source energy. Here the sense of surrender is profound. The guidance is considered direct and unbiased as the angels and spirit guides help with connection and channeling.

You Don’t Choose To Learn Tarot, It Actually Chooses To Come To You

tarot cards prediction


I believe that tools of divinity choose us when it is time for us to know its mysteries, instead of the other way round. My foray into tarot was a result of endless questions I used to ask my healer friends about my concerns.

The deck of 72 divinity cards does much more than just predicts one’s future. The cards are used for pictorial meditation, spells, tarot card predictions, manifestations and much more. The cards make a reader project the reality of the seeker’s unconscious mind. The images are personal yet universal. The interpretation of the cards is a combination of the healer’s analysis and the seeker’s energy patterns.

My Journey With Tarot Card Predictions Practice

None of the sedate processes happened with me as I started reading as a healer!!

The moment I have a seeker sitting across me in anticipation, bursting with a question, the cards take on a life of their own. Be it an online reading, a telephonic reading, or a face to face one, it doesn’t matter! They just start whispering in my ears the answers and guidance before I have time to follow the protocol of connecting. They roll out according to the requirement of the seeker. The compulsion to vocalize the guidance becomes so strong, that I start talking in a much faster pitch almost in a trance. I have noticed that the tone of the cards is always urgent and want to say many things as soon as possible.

Nandini Roy Tarot cards prediction @ The Silver Lining

The masters say that tarot speaks to each one of us differently. What we perceive in the energy of the cards is the accurate guidance for the particular situation.

But all I visualize is a bunch of goblins huddled together whispering their secrets into the winter fire and beckoning me to hear with my eyes and heart…..


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This article was contributed by Ms. Nandini Roy.

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Ms. Roy is a professional Tarot healer @ The Silver Lining. She is a passionate individual who has overcome many struggles in her own life, and now has set out to to utilize her knowledge of the art and science of energy healing to make a positive difference to people’s lives.

To address mind, body, relationship, and other wellbeing issues, connect with her and learn more on her page. Find your Silver Lining!

– Contributed by: Ms. Nandini Roy, professional Tarot Healer @ The Silver Lining.

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