Intuition vs meditation vs tarot

Intuition and meditation, coupled with Tarot, have a significant association. Each resembles the other, but is also unique in it’s own way.


Meditation as a practice helps us to exhale the “rubbish” and inhale ‘peace’. It is almost like sweeping the dirt and cleaning the “head”. Keep this head clean gives us peace us of mind, lucidity, concentration, more vitality etc. The best achievers in the world all have a secret, and that is meditation – it’s a piece of their way of life.


About the association of meditation with ‘instinct’, the more one meditates, the more one’s instinct is precise. Instinct is the ‘voice of the spirit’ – our GPS. Nothing on the planet is more effective than our inward GPS. It’s the astuteness of your spirit earned through numerous lifetimes that is making its quality felt and letting you know. It’s your ‘Actual North’. All ascended masters have powerful soul energy and they exude it in their aura. No book, no instructor and believe me no science holds the power and intelligence your “spirit” has. That is the “profundity” and power of the “sage” living inside you. Rarely do we get to that wise one ‘inside’, as we are used to being spoon fed instead of “cooking” it “inside” out! Instinct is enchantment. Follow your instinct or “gut” feeling to the ‘T’, it will always be your best guide.



Tarot is not only an ‘in vogue’ fortune telling instrument, it is considerably more than that. The Tarot cards speak to you. The cards graphically symbolize the possible outcomes of a circumstance or event. When perusing Tarot cards, one should take a gander at the whole picture, both the forefront and the foundation. It is critical for the peruser to focus on the potential outcomes exhibited by the cards.

Learning Tarot – As per a seekers point of view, tarot is a ‘direction device’. It helps you in choosing the best path, best decision or the ‘best fit’ in any given circumstance. A decent Tarot reader can precisely disclose to you your past, current circumstance and future. Be that as it may, I feel nothing is carved in stone, and nobody on this planet can anticipate one’s predetermination on a 100% exactness rate. We as a whole have the ability to ‘make our own particular predetermination’ – transform it as indicated by our ‘will’. Readers can utilize tarot and reveal to you which decision in life is for your best, however to follow the guidance is absolutely your call. As a tarot reader myself, I feel in this day and age everybody can learn and utilize it as a direction apparatus. Generally your own inclination may play a role in the readings. So on the off chance that you feel the ‘tarot vibe’ go ahead and be a prophet!


About author :-

Sunanda Sharma is an expert tarot card reader, a mystic, a life coach/mentor at The Silver Lining, not to mention a published writer. With many years of experience in the holistic healing sciences, and with accolades and awards for her achievements, she has touched many lives and helped seekers find that all elusive direction in life, that they were struggling to find.

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