4 Sure Fire Ways To Let it go and be more happy

We are constantly striving to be happy and content with our lives. Some get happiness out of buying a bigger house while others are happy to own a luxurious car or getting a well-paid job. We should all learn to let it go and be more happy.

let it go and be more happy

Ways to let it go and be more happy

  1. Stop the blame game: Blaming someone for your miseries won’t change anything even if he/she was responsible for it. No amount of rumination has ever fixed any relationship issue. So why choose to devote so much of energy in thinking about someone who might have wronged you? Let it go and be more happy 🙂
  2. Flush out your pain: Express your pain either directly or indirectly to the person who was responsible for the hurt, to get it out of your system. You may also choose to also vent it out to a friend, write in a diary or a piece of paper which you can eventually get rid of later on. Our healers and counselors and help you heal your past pain too!
  3. Commit yourself: Live up to your commitment of letting it go once you decide upon it. If you fail to make this conscious choice up-front, you may end up self-obstructing any effort to move on and be happy.
  4. Live in the present: Once you decide to let it go, stop reliving it again and again. Focus on the present as it will help you not to think about the past. After all, the best you can do is to make today the best day of your life. Some of our healers have specific workshops designed to help you live in the present!

Let it go and be more happy – easier said than done!

It can be one of the hardest things you’ve probably ever done. But your life should not be defined by any hurt or pain. It’s not healthy, it hampers your ability to focus, to work, and it even impacts your relationships. So do yourself a big favor: Let go of the pain, You can do it! And if after all, you find it still to difficult, our healers at The Silver Lining are always there for you!

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This article was written by Abhishek Jindal.

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