Life Hacks: Do They Actually Work?

Life hacks – what do they actually mean? These days we see plenty of information on the internet with the so-called experts offering tips and advice about a number of things – how to lose weight, how to get glowing skin, how to get rid of dark circles and the list is endless. But Do these Life Hacks Really Work?

The changing world driven by internet revolution and increased economic activity has given rise to new challenges to the human society. With increased competition and quest for amassing more wealth and experiencing materialistic pleasures, there’s an increased stress of living up to the new social standards.

With these new standards, we are constantly vying to achieve perfection in all respects. Millions of people surf the internet daily just to find quick fixes to their problems. The quick tips, fastest ways or life hacks cash in on the narrative that we as human beings are full of flaws. Although we should always work towards self improvement, yet betterment only related to physical or corporeal gains is plainly preposterous.

Life hacks or simple tips on life are essential for personal development and growth. Life hacks help people find answers to their life predicament or challenges or deal with the day-to-day life challenges, and hence, should be strongly encouraged.

The new age life has given rise to new age problems too. As the quest for gaining material wealth grows, people find themselves in the throes of a spiritual void. This inner conflict gives rise to psychological or emotional imbalances. Over the years, there’s an explosive growth of psychological problems like depression and anxiety across the world. As people move farther away from the spiritual path, and towards the worldly gains, the psychological unrest unfolds itself in the form of emotional or behavioral disturbances.

Life Hacks: Affecting our Mindset

In this world that glorifies physical beauty, very few appreciate the inner calm and the richness a person must acheive. Looking good is becoming more important than becoming a good human being. According to nature’s “law of acceptance”, happiness is directly related to spiritual and emotional well-being. 

The present generation exemplifies pursuit of materialist pleasure bypassing spiritual growth or awareness. We are always comparing ourselves to others, and this sense of competition never gets over. We keep setting new benchmarks, and new goals of amassing wealth and worldly objects. In this never ending quest, we lose our inner peace and cause immense harm to our spiritual well-being.

Do not ignore the true you!

As we set standard defined by the society, parents, religion etc, we forget what we truly stand for or what defines our true self. The more we let others govern our life, the further we will move away from our real self.

And the moment we accept ourselves as we are, and respect our real self, we start living a true life. We also set ourselves free from the confines of the world, and experience complete happiness and peace.

So the real hack is not to look for quick ways to enhance your physical beauty but also enrich your inner world. As we all know, corporeal beauty fades with age, but inner beauty is timeless.

“Don’t compare your insides with other people’s outsides.”

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About the Author:-

This article has been written by Dr Monika Maheshwari.

Dr Monika Maheshwari is a homeopathic physician, metaphysical healer and freelance counselor. She is a spiritual theorist/ thinker and works as a motivational speaker and spiritual healer at the silver lining.

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