What is your Magic Charm? What is your ‘mojo’?

What is your ‘Mojo’?

We all wish to be happy always. We will almost anything to keep ourselves happy and spend millions of dollars into things to make us happy and keep our ‘Mojo’.


What defines Happiness?

What is that one thing that makes us feel on top of the world? According to UCLA neuroscience researcher Alex Korb, thoughts – and the emotions you feel in response to those thoughts – have a profound impact on our brain.

Guilt and shame, for example, activate the brain’s reward center, which explains why we have such a strong tendency to feel guilty and shameful. Likewise, worrying increases activity in the pre-frontal cortex (the rational brain), which is why worrying can almost paralyze you into inaction.

Gratitude creates happiness. Gratitude works like an anti-depressant. Gratitude boosts levels of serotonin and dopamine—the brain’s happy chemicals and the same chemicals targeted by antidepressant medication. So more the feeling of gratefulness the more HQ – happiness quotient.

Guilt and shame are the downside of the emotions we all experience at some point of time in our life. What is important is to stay resilient and happy nevertheless.

Everyone is unique. Our worldview is also different. So it is fitting to say that our happiness benchmark also differs. What makes one happy may not make the other happy. Eventually, we are led to find our own ‘mojo’ and the source of our happiness. The basic principle is to pull yourself up together from every setback you face and stay persevering.

Mood Enhancers: How do they lift you up?

  1. Charity – Charity can take any form. Helping your friends, family, a neighbor, a stranger in anyway, can uplift your dry day. In a Harvard study, employees who helped others were 10 times more likely to be focused at work and 40% more likely to get a promotion.  Giving can be in any form money, food items, advice, a hug, a kiss, appreciation, inspiration etc. Any help in any manner is good to bring the sunshine in your life. So do it!
  2. Gratitude – As explained earlier, a feeling of thankfulness is sure to warm your heart. You can thank the universe for all the abundance in your life. A simple ‘thank you’ to everyone around you uplift your mood.
  3. Touch – We have all heard about massage therapy. Yes, it definitely helps to get us back live and fresh. Studies show that a massage increases serotonin by as much as 30%. Touch reduces stress hormones, decreases the perception of pain, improves sleep, and reduces fatigue.Besides massage therapy, even a hug can elevate our mood manifold. A pat of appreciation or a comforting shake hand can also get the ‘vibe’ back.
  4. Purpose – Having a vision or purpose in life is paramount to success and happiness. When we know where we are heading in life it gives us the drive to push forward. We feel worthy, driven and happy.We feel motivated to achieve it and boredom is a fence sitter.
  5. Accepting and stating our emotions – We need to accept ourselves as we are and also our myriad feelings, thoughts and emotions. We also shouldn’t hesitate to share our feelings and emotions with our loved ones. The more we express our emotions the better and calmer we feel. So let it out and feel free!
  6. Self-care – Self-care can induce the happy hormones. Since it gives us a feeling of worth, energy and raises our self-esteem. As the saying goes ‘when you look good you feel good’.
  7. Exercise – Any form of exercise can raise your energy and boost your HQ – happiness quotient. Exercise releases endomorphin and you feel so much better. In fact, an exercise can be a good form of social interaction.Meeting like minded people is anyway a stress buster.
  8. Sleep – A good night sleep is excellent to induce a healthy fresh mind. Sleep reduces pain. Reduced pain is a mood enhancer. Good mood reduces anxiety, which improves focus and planning. Focus and planning help with decision-making. Decision-making further reduces anxiety and improves enjoyment. Enjoyment rolls out the happy, feel good vibe.


These were some of the tips that can help us get our ‘Mojo’ back and stay happy irregardless of the circumstances.  The happier we feel inside the more resilient we will feel in the difficult times. So stay happy no matter what!

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About the author: 

Sunanda Sharma is a professional Tarot Card Reader, Psychic, Author and Life Coach.



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