Magnetic Therapy as an Alternating Healing Method

What is Magnetic Therapy?

Magnetic Therapy is a pseudoscientific medical practice that entails the usage of static magnets. It is believed that being in the vicinity of magnetic field greatly influences the human body. It is known that the blood in the body does get influenced due to the presence of iron and hence, it is also advised to sleep with the head on the southern side to keep the flow of the blood aligned with the Earth’s magnetic field.

Magnet Therapy

What is the science behind Magnetic Therapy?

Around 4000 years ago, when a Cretan shepherd named Magnes was grazing his sheep in Magnesia, Greece, his feet suddenly got stuck in the rock he was standing upon. Out of curiosity, he dug up the rock to find the reason behind it. He found rocks made of iron oxides beneath it. And hence magnet was discovered and named after Magnesia or Mangnes himself.

Magnetism is the property through which any material can gain magnetic strength or act as a magnet. Earth’s core contains an abundance of Iron, Nickel and Cobalt, which gives rise to its magnetic field. Even the blood running in our body is influenced by the earth’s magnetic field as it contains iron. Hence, for countless developments and inventions in medical science, Magnetism has played a key role in many developments and inventions in the medical science for the treatment of various illness. One of the applications of earth’s magnetic field in medical treatment is the Magnetic therapy. Practitioners believe that bringing certain body parts under the influence of magneto-static fields can have beneficial health effects.

How is Magnetic Therapy done?

This is done through instruments like magnetic bracelets, jewellery, shoes soles, blankets, mattresses, straps, etc. The most common suggested mechanism is that magnets might improve blood flow in underlying tissues.Many hypothetical terms have come up along with the therapy. Practitioners believe that the therapy can restore the electromagnetic energy balance of the body which can help in maintaining the health of a person. Some believers assign affects of magnetism on the orientation of magnet, though magnetic poles are considered symmetric.

Healers believed that magnets could actually draw a disease out of a person’s body. It is said that magnets could manipulate the various fields entering a person’s body and this could be used to heal diseases as big and serious as cancer. Therapeutic magnets are also claimed to increase the blood flow to the area where the device is worn. This increased blood flow could increase the rate at which tissues get repaired and help them heal faster.

Magnetic Therapy


Benefits of Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic Therapy can be beneficial in many ways. It relieves pain naturally. Furthermore, it’s safe with no-side effects and hence can be administered for a long duration of time. Magnets affect Ion channels which can reduce and block nerve pain signals. Magnets can provide faster relief for swelling and bruises without the need of medicines.It can also be used to induce sleep because magnets can influence the melatonin levels in the body. Moreover, magnetic therapy also helps in faster recovery in the cases of bone fractures and surgical wounds.

This therapy enjoys vast recognition across the world. It is even being taught as a subject in many universities. Recent research and scientific improvements have made it an increasingly popular method of healing.

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