How To Make Magic Happen With Theta Healing

 Do You Believe In Magic?

Magic of theta healing

The only reason someone doesn’t have what they want in life is because they are blocking it or preventing it from materializing, by their own negative thoughts and doubts. This includes – money, peace, happiness, relationships and more. Remember this – If you really want something badly, the universe conspires with you to get it. This is the magic!

How We Prevent The Magic From Happening

Everyone has subconscious blockages or thought patterns which prevent them from manifesting their desires. Some of the classic examples of mental blocks which may have been imprinted at a young age are:-

1) Money is the root cause of all evil.
2) If I become slim, I may attract the wrong person.
3) You have to work hard to be successful.
4) If you are spiritual, you can’t be rich.

Theta Healing – The Ideal Solution

Theta Healing is a spiritual healing and an intuitive process that helps alter beliefs at a subconscious level.

During the Theta or spiritual healing process, the seeker just needs to sit in a comfortable position and he/she will be guided through a meditative process. The brain wave goes from Beta to Alpha, and slowly Theta. Theta is a deep meditative state of the mind. Once the seeker reaches this state, downloads and positive beliefs can be installed in the subconscious (with a seekers permission of course).

Manifestations are done very effectively in the Theta State –
Since the mind is already in Theta state, manifestations happen faster than how they would happen via a conscious mind. One must focus on wishing for a manifestation of exactly what they want, as it is likely to happen soon. In the theta state, one can start the process of manifesting into reality their dream job, their dream home, their dream spouse, and any and anything they wish to have.

Healing of physical and emotional concerns can also be very effective in Theta Healing. One simply goes into the subconscious and states – “I am healthy!”. This is a very simple yet effective method.

If you’re inspired and want to get rid of all the mental blocks that are preventing you from succeeding and taking charge of your life, you must try Theta healing without delay!

-Contributed by Mrs. Meenu Ananthh, a professional Meditation Coach & Theta Healer @ The Silver Lining

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