3 Tips On Managing Emotions & Making Our Emotional Body Strong

I have been asked this question a lot in my healings and have usually gone blank, as there is so much to it that it isn’t something you can explain in a sentence or over a phone conversation. So I am writing this article which I hope I am able to do justice towards.

 Making Our Emotional Body Strong

Wrong Emotions Lead To Disease

You might already know that our emotions are the main cause of dis-ease in our physical body. Science, now, has proven the same to be true. It is, therefore, essential, if not critical, for us to take care of and watch our emotions, just as we take care of our physical body. Our aim must be to avoid negative thoughts and feelings, judging, criticizing & complaining, anger, jealousy, irritation, fear etc.

Is it difficult? Yes! Impossible? No…after all, that is why we are here – to work out our issues, otherwise, we would be in heaven enjoying the benefits of a celestial life…!!! (probably that is why they say, good people go fast, the rest still have their lessons to learn or purpose to serve!)

How To Deal With Negative Emotions

  1. To begin with, we need to cultivate something called ‘faith’ – faith in God, faith in the Universe and in all things good.

In the Gita we have a saying, “Jo hua, accha hua, jo ho raha hai, sahi ho raha hai aur jo hoyega, acha hoyega” (Whatever happens, happens for the best). Most of us believe in God or a higher consciousness that is running this whole universe and more. If you believe in this power that is just and true and non-biased, then you should know and have faith that he/she will not put you in situations that you do not deserve.

Managing emotions

2. Realize that the following is incorrect – we deserve to be punished.

No one deserves troubles and worries in life, but at the same time, we are all born on this planet to work out a purpose of learning and growing to be the ‘Image of God’. Which is why we take so many lifetimes to perfect ourselves and that is fine. It’s not easy and by being harsh on ourselves we make it more difficult for ourselves to achieve it. Thus we have situations in our life where we feel, “I have been good to everyone and not harmed anyone, then why did this happen?” But if we remembered our past lives we would probably not ask that question. We would remember what we did in that situation and instead of cursing, crying and blaming people, you would forgive and ask for forgiveness from the person involved or from God. You would be able to brace the situation gracefully and remember not to repeat it.

Now, you would ask, why can’t I remember my past life?
Well, I’m guessing the reason is that God wants us to be pure in our hearts and genuinely have love and compassion for people, not because we are afraid of the consequences in our next life… Of course, those who believe in re-incarnation know that you have to pay your dues in some lifetime or the other.

What if you don’t believe in re-incarnation?
Well then I would assume you believe in a God who is biased, because if he/she is fair, then we should all be born equal, why is one son of God rich and the other poor, one healthy and the other weak? Only for their own actions does one invite such situations into their lives. However what you believe is what you believe and I will not question that.

After all, Karma is something you cannot run from, else it would not have been taught so widely in all faiths including in nature, “As you sow, so shall you reap.” You cannot plant lemons and expect mangoes to grow..!!! Keep abusing someone and expect that person to still love you and say yes sir, three bags full… Nope! not happening… either that person will just leave or will someday get back at you.

Sometimes we have small tests in life, especially when you decide to go on the spiritual path, you will be subject to a lot of ups and downs, situations will arise in your life just to check if you have learnt patience, compassion, peace & wisdom, how you react to those situations determines if you are ready to move ahead or not, and if you reflect upon the situations you will realise what it came to teach you.

3. Realizing that we are essentially all one

We all have had a different upbringing and faced different situations in our life which have inculcated certain traits in us. Everyone is born with a different set of sanskars (inherent values) which is why we react and behave differently. But essentially, we are one and we are all loved by the ‘One’ Supreme being (One God) like this children. We are the branches of the One Tree of Life…One family. Once we realize this, we will come to have patience & love for others and instead of holding grudges we will try and be compassionate. Everyone deserves love, especially those who hurt you, as they are the ones most deprived of it (When you don’t have something how can you give it to others).

So, basically it boils down to compassion and understanding for all, looking at the bigger picture and weeding out unnecessary disturbance instead of getting yourself stuck in every emotional pothole possible.

Don’t judge the book by its cover, understand why someone would hurt you or why you react in a particular manner. Spend some time reflecting on life instead of fighting with it.

Applying The Above In Our Daily Life

Most of us know all these things but fail to apply it in our life unless something drastic happens. I would suggest that every night before sleeping, reflect on your day and your emotions and erase all the negative emotions of the day, replace them with positive thoughts and understanding. Forgive those who hurt you and ask for forgiveness from those whom you may have hurt and you will be on your way to a strong emotional body.

We are all pure in our heart, maybe not perfect! However our aim should be to get there.

Don’t cry over spilled milk, it happened for a reason. Take care of your emotions, don’t let them rule you, feel them, understand why they visited you and let them pass.

We can all be emotionally strong. And I do not mean suppressing your emotions but understanding where they come from and why.

For those who knew me a couple of years back knew how emotional I was and understanding of these things has really helped me. I Hope they help you too.

Love & Light.

– Contributed by Ms. Amrita Mann, a professional Pranic Healer @ The Silver Lining

Amrita Mann, Pranic Healer @ The Silver Lining





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