Mindfulness Workshop Training

Mindfulness Therapy Training Workshop Focus“Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think.”- Buddha

You are invited to attend our 1-day intensive Mindfulness therapy training course. It is open to anyone who wishes to achieve greater presence and higher quality of life.

While everyone possesses mindfulness, not everyone practices this gift of life. It is accessible to us when we rehearse consistently. Once you learn to be mindful, you will deal with stress and difficult emotions such as anxiety, irritability, sadness and anger like a champion.

Mindfulness is the essential human capacity to be completely present, mindful of where we are and what we are doing, and not excessively receptive or overpowered by what is happening around us. Scientific evidence suggests that Mindfulness reduces stress and difficult emotions and increases mental strength and well-being. Regular practice will enable us to solve issues happening in our personal and professional lives.

Mindfulness Therapy Training Workshop Focus

  • You will be able to practice Mindfulness on your own
  • You can learn useful and short attention exercises
  • Your ability to relax will enhance
  • You will be able to manage and prevent stress and difficult emotions
  • Capacity for decision making will improve
  • Harmony between body and mind will be established
  • Self-criticism will reduce
  • Thoughtfulness will increase

What all other benefits do you receive with this workshop?

  1. 10% off on online payments (applicable till ’25th Dec 2017′).
  2. Lunch & Refreshments.

  3. Free 3 months digital subscription of Life positive’s monthly publications.

  4. One Free counseling session with a life positive expert (valid until the end of 3 months from the date of workshop)

  5. Free life positive surprise goodie kit.

About the Facilitator

Sri Yogi Anand is a Himalayan Yogi, Mentor, Corporate Trainer, and Life Coach.

He had left his home at an early age looking for Truth to the Himalayan Mountains. In the wake of meeting a few experts and Yogis, he was looking for the person who appealed to his inward center. At last, when he was almost depleted of energy, he found a Yogic Master under whom he did serious Yogic Sadhana in the Himalayas. Subsequently, he encountered the Ultimate State of Consciousness called Samadhi in Yogic Parlance.

Yogi Ji has dealt with more than 1500 cases of Cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and disorders and more than 2000 orthopedic and lifestyle disorder cases.

Date:- 7th Jan. 2018

Time:- 9:00AM – 5:00PM

Contribution:- INR 2500/-

{Hurry Up! Offer expires soon }.

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