Music Heals

Music heals several complications that we face on a daily basis. For instance, have you ever tried healing a headache by just relaxing and listening to soothing music?

Is it true that music heals?

Music is a combination of sound vibrations. Different sounds evoke different emotions from people, and certain harmonizing sound frequencies actually have powerful healing properties!

Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist studied the effect of sound on water crystals. He played various types of music near bottles filled with water, and what he discovered was astounding. The shape of the water crystals in each bottle changed drastically. Of course, microscope was the primary instrument for this observation! He proved that difference frequencies/types of music, thoughts, and feelings affect the physical make-up of water molecules.

Here’s a short video by Masaru Emoto

Moreover, water is an important life element with properties which we can influence to improve your health. It can be imprinted, has memory and we can program it too. Because the body is made of 60%-75% water, the properties of this element finds application in our overall well-being and for self-healing.

So here’s something you must try the next time you feel low on energy, a little down, or just have a small fever – Seat yourself down and make yourself comfortable (if you wish, pick a few healthy snacks), and set-up a playlist of your favourite up-beat music. But really make sure that that music is soothing, calming and makes you hymn to the tune every time! Then watch the magic unfold.

Theoretically, it may sound untrue. This is because, the healing powers of music can only be experienced. If practiced often, you will surely realize that music heals almost everything!

Play Away 🙂

Contributed By : Mrs. Tehruna Meresh, Pranic® Healer and Life Coach

Pranic Healer & Life Coach
Tehruna Meresh, Pranic Healer

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