Must Visit Yoga Retreats in India

Doing yoga at home can become tedious, so why not treat yourself to a yoga retreat? Yoga retreats are the perfect spiritual getaway, from the facilities they offer to the location of the retreats itself. Let go of all your worries and troubles by planning a trip to any of these yoga retreats.

Top 5 Yoga Retreats In India

Yoga Retreats In Goa

1. SWAN Yoga Retreat – Assagao, Goa 

This yoga retreat is run by sannyasins who were rained at the Bihar School of Yoga so that guests are in good hands. Located in a breath-taking tropical paradise inside Goa, this place is the perfect place to unwind.

They offer two types of packages a one week “Yoga Holiday” and two week intensive yoga programme. It’s perfect for those who have just started practicing yoga as their programme consists of Hatha style yoga sessions, a yoga detox, mantra chanting and much more.

2. Mysore Mandala, Mysore, Karnataka

Mysore is known for it’s architectural beauty but it also have a charming yoga ashram. The most popular class is Ashtanga but they offer many other types of classes that involve cleansing and as well as lessons on different yoga postures.

3.  Rishikesh Yoga Retreat

No place would be better for a spiritual retreat than Rishikesh.Venture to the Rishikesh Yoga Retreat for a total mind and body rejuvenation and detox.

Not only check off all the required things of standard yoga retreat they have other facilities. Their holistic wellness centre and spa, an outdoor lounge, restaurants that serve organic food, and adventure activities will make for an unforgettable time. 

Yoga Retreats In Trimurti

4. Trimurti 

This yoga retreat will ensure an unforgettable experience for yoga enthusiasts. Located in the Himalayas, it’s a serene destination that offers basic and advance courses of Yoga and not just for adults for kids as well. Accommodation and vegetarian meals are provided so you don’t have to worry about a thing.  The nearby markets are the perfect tourist spots near the retreat. 

5. Anand Shikhar Sadhnalaya

Another retreat located in the heart of the Himalayas, Anand Shikhar Sadhnalaya is Yogoda Satsanga retreat that promotes the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda. This is done in an effort to spread harmony and compassion to the world. They have set programme calendars but a variety of 11 programmes with specific themes for visitors to choose from.

There are destination weddings and travel spots, but these destination yoga retreats are sure for a visit, especially for all yoga enthusiasts.

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