Paintings & Tarot – Do They Have Something In Common?

Do the paintings that we see hanging on the wall communicate with us? Do they have the power to convey messages to us?

Even though we simply walk past certain paintings, there are a few that really intrigue us. Why is that so?
Paintings & Tarot - Do They Have Something In Common?

Some paintings evoke a sense of nostalgia –

Paintings & Tarot - Do They Have Something In Common?

Finally, there are some which really capture our imagination. We literally get immersed in their world, almost taking flight into the realms of the unknown to truly figure out what the painting is trying to communicate –

Paintings & Tarot - Do They Have Something In Common?
Mankind has been fascinated by Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa portrait for generations – that mysterious endearing smile, that engaging eye connect! Why does it feel like the lady in the painting is always looking at you? How does this painting always evoke a sense of communication?!

So, is it safe to say that the images in paintings come alive in the process as we observe them? And they communicate with us as we engage with them?

This is the science and the essence of the world over used Tarot cards!

Tarot, as a matter of fact, is not just an art of intuition reading. The images of each card are a collection of philosophical and psychological principles. These images and symbols are highly detailed and have deep meanings. In fact, Tarot is a combination of various sciences like Astrology, Alchemy, Metaphysics, and more!




The Origin of tarot dates back to the 18th century when the study of psychology was restricted and hence the information was preserved through the images in Tarot.

Tarot is based on the study of the psychological dealings of the human mind and its dealings with its immediate environment. The human mind stores information in the memory bank of each cell, which gets retrieved in the form of images or impressions (some deeply etched, some faint recollect, depending upon the intensity of emotions attached to it).
Paintings & Tarot - Do They Have Something In Common?
I’m sure we all agree that every act we do is initially simply a thought impulse. But where do these thoughts come from? After all, we have on an average 60,000 thoughts a day. Some we are aware of, some are from our subconscious and rest from our unconscious mind.


Think about it for a minute; what are those most colorful images, patterns, stories and memories that you have infused with feelings, frozen in time, framed in your mind, and which your mind keeps visiting weather you allow it or not.

What about those unconscious / subconscious impressions that we have suppressed and yet they come out in an unexpected manner? The unresolved issues from our past or unhealed wounds, however hard we try to bury them under the carpet, find their way to our thoughts/behavior and we relive the same Karmic patterns again and again, going round and round in circles. We attract similar situations and people in our life because those Karmic impressions are still deeply embedded in our system and have not been brought into light to be healed.

The spreads of tarot bring all such unattended wounds to the surface. They retrieve our minds images and reflect our mental emotional make up, aiding us to resolve them, lest we attract them again in future with double the intensity. Which is why healing through images and storytelling is considered so potent and powerful as it helps to break unwanted behavioral patterns, erase bad karmic impressions, brings clarity in thinking, and guides us to make the right decisions.

Paintings & Tarot - Do They Have Something In Common?

There are many such techniques to either resolve a painful memory of past or manifest a picture perfect future through the use of Tarot Guidance and Mindfulness.

Contributed By: Mrs. Divya Raut, Tarot Healer

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