Why should people pay for healing if we cannot guarantee a cure?

Is it worth spending money on something that doesn’t guarantee sure benefits? Most likely not. Then would you pay for a healing practice that claims to bring life changes yet doesn’t guarantee a cure?

Most people won’t. Let us ask you this – do we get a guarantee from a doctor when we go for a consultation or have medication? No.

The reality of medical treatment is quite different. Under the garb of being scientific and experts in medical research or pharmacology, doctors think their treatment is safer than other practices. But you will be surprised to know that most medications just suppress symptoms. So the imbalance will find it’s way to inflame another part of the body if suppressed.

 Healing is more effective than Medication

In healing, we try to re-balance the aura, ‘chakras’ and meridians to align to the divine flow. When this happens the person’s own body systems start healing and normalizing. The only reason why this may not happen is because the person has not made any changes to their lifestyle – consuming oily, spicy food, or getting rid of negative emotions, like anger, fear, resentment, hatred, stress, and tension, even not controlling their negative thinking.
So a healer tries to re-balance the cosmic flow in the energy body of the person. The effectiveness of healing essentially depends on the person’s inner transformation. It is also important for the healer to address the karmic entitlement to retain the healing energy and maintain its free flow.

 Healing does not require manipulating the physical body

Acupressure and acupuncture technique involve insertion of needles at various strategic parts of the body. Allopathic medicine also causes a number of side-effects.  While the cure is not guaranteed, medical professionals prefer operating the body over uprooting the cause of it. Radiations or chemotherapy deteriorate the body to such an extent that recovery becomes impossible. More often than not, such practices just prolong life and not save it. On the other hand, alternative healing methods never cause any physical wear and tear of the body. Healing re-invokes the positive energy of the system inside a patient. Channeling this energy in the right manner is considered the basis of well being.

Interestingly, Homeopathy, an alternative medicinal practice, looks for removing the cause of the disease by first increasing it so that it reaches the prime it can, and then cures it. So that, it never occurs again.


Why don’t we prefer a method that cures and prevents a disease instead of just postponing it? Although healing does not guarantee a cure, it does guarantee much lesser pain and more long-lasting benefits.

If the healer’s instructions are followed, there is a good chance that you will eventually get well and be healed!

Contributed by Mrs. Tehruna Meresh, a Pranic® healer, and life coach

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