Find out your Personality Type (Numerology Part 2)


Once you know your Name Number (calculation method for which was shared in our last article), you can look it up in the numerology chart to find out more about yourself. Knowing your name number can help you gain interesting insights about your personality and more. A summarized chart of name numbers and their personality types is given below:

  • 1 – leader, independent, achiever, unconventional
  • 2 – Cooperative, adaptable, understanding of others
  • 3 – Expressive, orator, socialization
  • 4 – Values foundation & discipline, order, steady growth
  • 5 – visionary, adventurous, the constructive use of freedom, free will
  • 6 – Responsible, protective, nurturing, sympathetic
  • 7 – Analytic, understanding, knowledgeable, aware, studious
  • 8 – Practical endeavors, status oriented, high-end goals
  • 9 – humble, giving nature, selflessness
  • 11 – Highly spiritual, intuitive, idealist, dreamer
  • 22 – leadership, big endeavors, powerful force,

Name number is commonly referred as the Life Path Number. Apart from that your soul number can reveal your soul’s deepest desires, likes and dislikes. To find your soul number, assign numbers to only vowels in your first and last name, sum them up and reduce the sum to reveal the same.

Numbers can give you interesting insights about your deepest personality traits. According to Numerology, Name, date of birth can be reduced to unique numbers which can reveal or say a lot about a person. Its your perception and acceptance that matters the most.

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