Heal your relationships through Pranic® Healing

Everything in the Universe is made out of energy. We are all made up of energy. Every time we think or feel or act or interact or even react in a certain way, exchange of energy takes place. All relationships and interactions are marked by this phenomena.

Portrait Of Senior Couple In Park(Heal your relationships through Pranic® Healing)

We share different relationships with different people. Be it a child-parent relationship, a relationship between siblings, spouses, a student-teacher relationship or relationship between business partners. All our interactions occur at various levels namely at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes simultaneously.

However, every relationship goes through its phases of ups and down, being broken or mended. As individuals, each one of us have our shortcomings and weaknesses that might create misunderstandings or differences within it. In a poor relationship, arguing and fighting, the energy fields don’t blend and flow. They clash and repel, manifesting as more painful situations. In a balanced joyful and progressive relationship, one can compliment each other by being supportive, patient and joyful. In such a case the energy flow is easy and harmonious.

Pranic healing helps to disintegrate the negative thoughts and emotions between two people. It empowers individuals to handle the negativity while promoting good energy to flow freely between both the people in the relationship. It is done by sending healing energy and replacing the negative energies such as hurt, anger, and disappointment with that of love, compassion, and understanding. By energetically healing the situation, it helps to create successful and loving relationships. Pranic healing gives the relationship a chance to strengthen and flourish once again.

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