Pranic Healing Workshop

‘Pranic Healing is a Bridge to Spirituality. ‘

-Grand Master Choa Kok Sui

Such are the times that the fast pace of modern lifestyle has taken a toll on us. We put our needs before our mental peace in the race to ensure a comfortable living and still fail to achieve that comfort. We push our limits to the point where the pressure becomes intolerable and we break under the pressure. It robs us of mind-body-spirit balance.

At this moment, we invite you to our Pranic Healing Workshop which is an intensive approach to direct your energies to achieve fruitfulness in life. The course will demonstrate the ways you can re-energise yourself, as well as take charge of your life and enhance it on all levels. You will find ways to strengthen relations, be stress-free, increase your wealth, and turn out to more productive in every aspect of your life. This two-day down to earth course will heal your mind, and reveal and multiply your hidden energy for a better life.

Workshop Benefits

  1. Experience Inner Peace
  2. Emotional Healing
  3. Spiritual Detoxification
  4. Self Recharging
  5. Self-Healing Techniques directed towards certain worries
  6. Remove negative energies
  7. Boost your confidence

What all other benefits do you receive with this workshop?

  1. 10% off on online payments (applicable till ’27th Dec 2017′).
  2. Lunch & Refreshments.

  3. 2a4ebd

    Free 6 months digital subscription of Life positive’s monthly publications.

  4. One Free counseling session with a life positive expert (valid until the end of 3 months from the date of workshop)

  5. Free life positive surprise goodie kit.

About the Facilitator


Mrs Navina Punj is a Pranic healer since 2004. She has been healing all kinds of cases ranging from heart disease, bone problems, multiple sclerosis & mental illness, and several other ailments. Her hobbies include golf, swimming and going on long walks. She is dedicated to spreading the light of teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui, who is the founder of modern Pranic Healing.

 Date:- 13th – 14th January 2018.

Time:- 09:30am – 05:00pm.

Contribution:- Rs. 5000/-

To know more :

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