Is Reiki Black Magic?

People sometimes ask – “Is Reiki black magic?”. Any practitioner of Reiki would cringe at the thought of this life force healing being likened to black magic!

But is Reiki black magic?

When one allows Reiki to heal any issue in life, it does works as good as magic or sometimes even better. It has certainly, however, nothing to do with black magic. Here are the reasons why:

There are two important factors to be taken in to account while giving or receiving Reiki healing. They are – intention and energy. This healing modality is the grace of the divine energy within and without us. The energy flows where our thought goes, that’s the reason we say the healing is intentional. Interestingly, though the energy is sent by the healer, it reaches the seeker only when ‘received’ with gratitude. Every healing modality talks about the power of gratitude, but here the magic works only when gratitude begins.

Reiki black magic


Now, let’s take a minute to analyze the term ”black magic”. We talk magic here too, but the major factor which makes the difference is the kind of intention. The intention in this energy work is self-gratification. One can easily turn around and question about the moral reality of it. Self – gratification doesn’t imply evil, it takes on similar connotations only when it doesn’t take into account the highest good of all involved. When we tinker with any form of energy for selfish motive, it sure will have similar ramification. As no matter what we do or believe in, we cannot escape the law of cause and effect.

In conclusion, the intention used in Reiki healing is that of purity and with a purpose of benefiting the healing recipient’s life. Such an intention itself is supremely powerful and is the catalyst of the healing process. And the answer to “Is Reiki black magic?” is a big big “NO”!

Type of Energy

Also, another very important differentiating factor is that Reiki has a consciousness of its own. Even if one uses this modality to manipulate matters for a particular desire, the Reiki outcome will be for the highest good of all involved!

This energy knows what to heal and how. It is imperative to note that Reiki gradually negates the illusionary ego of the practitioner. It serves as a master energy guiding through a path which is for our best. Regular practice ensures a gentle removal of all the toxins in our life. These toxins could be material, emotional, physical or intellectual. Once we allow Reiki to permeate our existence, everything unnecessary moves away to make room for it. The tenacious desire which may be consuming our very being would be gone in a blink of an eye and we wouldn’t even miss it!

So, Reiki definitely works its magic and we can activate the same with the power of our gratitude. Coloured Reiki is again a very powerful healing system which includes red, white, orange, yellow, blue, violet and golden.

But ‘black’ is certainly not one of its colors!

Contributed by: Ms. Tara Nandini , professional channeled Remedies Expert

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