The secret to achieving ‘Mind’ control

As the world grows dynamic, the static nature of the mind has lost its persistence. The Mind today is preoccupied with various problems of life and often gets confused. This world praises the mind that works the sharpest. However, in this race of supremacy, people are running mindlessly and have forgotten that the mind is endowed with tremendous strength and power. If used the right way, your mind can lead you towards the path of success and happiness.

A concentrated mind is a search light

Mind thoughts are like the sun’s rays. Each ray will have the power of inherent heat in it. Normally, rays, when drawn together, will create fire (which can be seen if sun’s rays are channeled through a convex mirror). Similarly, the Mind, if its thoughts are brought together, will emanate great power. Swamy Vivekananda said that a concentrated Mind is a search light. Keep your mind wakeful & watchful. Normally, the mind will be suspended in a sort of dream state or will keep wandering aimlessly.

controlling the mind

The only way to terminate unwanted thoughts is by suspension of thoughts in totality

Fear, in its right and positive sense, can be helpful to some. It can even to a great extent help in focusing our thoughts and mind on the right path. Like a goldsmith cannot afford to lose attention when involved in his vocation. Such professions will normally demand total concentration and nothing less of it. It is because the risk of disaster will occur with the slightest error in their handwork. That awareness will flow throughout the body when on work which results in total concentration.

Many times a sense of anxiety, fear and nostalgia create the unwanted thoughts and loops. Fear of God, fear of Sin, fear of punishment, fear of Society, fear of status, fear of morality, fear of chastity, fear of elders, fear of God and such other fears keep us doing wrong. The ability to understand or intellectual strength does not always come with repercussions. It does become necessary not to think about the consequences when being content with a task. Therefore, through experiences and troubles, the greatest fear of failure can be eliminated. Only and only the suspension of thoughts for some time leads to suspension of unwanted thoughts if practised.

How to achieve mind control

mind control

Mind concentration or Mind control can only be obtained by Saadhana or Dhyahnam or meditation. The mind will be energetic and remain energetic when various organs of the body are kept clean and tidy with a positive atmosphere.

“When the body is tired, the mind goes with it.”

A healthy mind is the result of a healthy body. For a stable and controlled mind, it becomes immensely necessary to first control the state of your body. Not just the health, but the diet, the physical workout as well as the amount of sleep. This correlation of mind and body is a fact. The thought process of a person implicitly depends on his routine. From the time he wakes up to the time he sleeps, his mind works like an engine which works according to the fuel. To develop a control over your thinking, is the most difficult task for a human. Though meditation becomes the most sought out approach, yet, our will to strive for it depends largely on how fresh and attentive we keep ourselves.

Gaining control over the mind asks for a lot of concentration. Procrastination and containing the urge of letting loose decreases in us as our mind concentrates. In such situations, hunger and thirst become the biggest distractions. Keep yourself well fed and hydrated in terms of diet and an equal application of the physique allows the person to master over his body and hence, help him control his mind.

If great things are to be achieved, the distracted energies of the mind should be channelized. Like a cow that brings back the eaten food to its mouth to regrind it, one has to bring back to memory what all was finished and review it again.

–  Excerpts from Bhagwat Geeta and other works


– Contributed by Ms. Aparna Sharma, professional life coach & healer @ The Silver Lining


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8 thoughts on “The secret to achieving ‘Mind’ control

  1. Nice blog. Clears all misconception about meditation for the lay person like me. Looking forward to the next in sequence.

  2. Totally agree. Our mind is a superpower. That leaves us with a great share of accountability and responsibility.
    We have the capacity to be either gods or demons and our choice is a big message to the world.
    An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. So we should choose to stay away from negativity. We will always find like-minded people on the way. We just need to take one step in the right direction.
    Loved your post Aparna. Positive words are always catalysts for bringing peace to this world. Keep reading and keep writing.

    1. Deeksha , I appreciate your remarks. Thanks a lot. You have been my great support in all terms. Intend to continue my vedic work and grow in this filed too.
      Thanks a lot.

  3. Nice. Our great leaders too have been a proponent of mind control and we all know the unlimited possibilities of mind control.

  4. Ms Sharma,

    Well written and we’ll pen downed. Loved the use of Hindi /Sanskrit terms used.

    Mind is a free object and the way you have spoken/ Written is simply Awesome.

    All the best.

    1. Ricky,
      Thanks a lot for your prompt Comment.
      I am happy to receive your motivational comments on my blog.
      Look forward to pen down more.

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