Spirituality at the seat of Pleasure

Energy practice is a process of unleashing the latent power. Rene Descartes a philosopher-mathematician had emphatically stated, “I think therefore I am”. Descartes was emphasizing his conscious presence on earth through the above statement. So, if our physical presence is a reality, then the God element within us is the unflinching truth!



This God element has been termed and experimented in various ways by the seekers of truth. But a singular fact about that is, it’s the life force which moves everything within and outside us. Tantra, a potent spiritual tradition describes this life force as the Kundalini Energy. It lies as a coiled snake at the base of our spine containing mammoth strength and power. Spiritual practices are an effort to unleash this primal energy, so that one becomes the master of his own changes. It is vital to understand what exactly stops one from realizing this energy when its already present in us!

Sometimes years of social conditioning, fear blocks, inadequate spiritual practices and malfunctioning of the lower chakras prevents us from arousing this energy. Since it’s already established that unlocking the kundalini ensures amazing changes and growth, the process to do so needs to be consistent but gradual.

The easiest method as a spiritual practitioner I can think of is keeping our chakras clean and well-functioning. This happens when the Prana in our body is flowing correctly and smoothly. There are various methods to do the same, ranging from simple breathing techniques to Raj Yog meditation. The easiest form to awaken the energy is regular self-healing with Reiki which gives orgasmic awakening to each chakra.

The infinite energy of the Kundalini is specifically identified as the sexual energy present in each of us. This energy which when harnessed connects one immediately to the source. It is realizing ones true essence or God energy through making love. Interestingly the purpose of Reiki energy is also the same. The same latent energy starts circulating correctly within us helping to manifest our desired reality.

So, it is all about letting the ‘SHAKTI’ be.

– Contributed by : Ms. Tara Nandini , professional channeled Remedies Expert

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