Taking a major decision in life ? An astrology reading might be your best friend


For many of you, your only experience of astrology may be reading about your sun sign in the horoscope section of your daily newspaper to see if you were going to win a lottery or crack a job interview. This is probably because your knowledge is clouded by the common belief that astrology is all about sun signs.

Believe it or not, the alignment of stars and planets affects everyone’s personality, mood, actions and environment depending on when, where and at what time he/she was born. Not only this, planets can give excellent indications of success or failure in academics, professions or businesses alike.

Many times an opportunity is wasted because people make the wrong decisions. If they are guided properly and given a chance to act as per their likes and aptitude, they can make major decisions in life. Be it with respect to your home, career, finances, relationships or health.

To get an accurate Astrological reading, it is important to get a complete chart interpretation from an Astrology expert where a detailed study of the positions and aspects of each planet can be studied rather than just looking singularly from a Sun sign point of view.

As an example, you may think you want to be a fashion designer because you love drawing and have always been good with different color combinations of clothes but after having looked at your chart, an Astrologer may see that your character is more geared towards you being an architect because your strength in art is precision and accuracy rather than an extravagant creativity that might be needed to sell clothes to the general public. Instead of struggling as a fashion designer you could end up as a world famous architect.

How cool is that ? !!


Similarly, before plunging into the prospect of an arranged marriage; couples can seek aid of an astrological reading in which the influence of important planets like Venus, Mars and Jupiter can help them to figure out their love compatibility and commitment for a fulfilling relationship in the future.

Your Astrological chart is like your unique identity signature and can lay a roadmap for your life ahead. It can look at the past and the lessons you have learned. It can advise you when not to make difficult life decisions and when would be the right time to do so, thereby laying a path for your future.

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