What is Tarot Card Reading by Gautam Sinha

Tarot, a beautifully wrapped deck of 78 pictorial cards, has been predominantly used as a guidance tool overages. It not only helps you to reflect upon your past foundation but also gives you deep insights about your present strengths and weaknesses thereby laying a roadmap for your future. It is a way of universe speaking to you.

A Tarot card reader combines his intuitive skills with the pictorial meanings of cards. These are picked by a seeker to answer his questions related to various aspects of The Past, Present, and future. The questions can be about anything related to his/her life.

With a strong positive energy assimilated through the surroundings and the universe, Tarot makes up for an excellent holistic guidance tool for empowerment, life coaching, creativity, business/career planning, personal insights, relationships and so on. However, it is important to note that we all have a free will and choices to make and Tarot provides us with a strong intuitive prediction. It’s only up to us to choose which path to tread.

Watch our expert Mr. Gautam Sinha explain the true meaning of Tarot and the science behind it, in a special 1-to-1 session.

By Mr. Gautam Sinha – Tarot Card Reader, Yoga Instructor and a Reiki Healer

You can connect with Mr Gautam Sinha HERE

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